10 ways to loose weight Permanently

1. Walk for 30 Minutes daily

Walking 30 minutes per day may not seem like much but the consistent effort really pays off and burns close to 1000 calories in a week. If a 30 minute walk in one go sounds like too much, try splitting it up into 3 shorter 10 minutes walks.

Calories Burned per day – 120
Calories Burned per week – 840


2. Sprint for 5 minutes daily

Adding just 5 minutes of sprinting to your day burns through an impressive 700 calories per week. Simply do five 1 minute bursts of sprinting at various intervals during the day or make them part of your walk.

Calories Burned per day – 100
Calories Burned per week – 700


3. Do 5 minutes of burpess daily

Burpess are a functional, full body exercise that tone and strengthen all your muscles and can help you burn 300+ calories per week.

Calories Burned per day – 46
Calories Burned per week – 322


4. Do 5 minutes of jumping jacks daily

Jumping jacks are a simple but effective cardiovascular exercise that you can perform anytime and anywhere, whenever you have 5 minutes to spare. Not only are they a great calorie burner but they also target all the muscles in your lower body.

Calories Burned per day – 48
Calories Burned per week – 336


5. Go to a 1 hour spinning class each week

Spinning is one of the most intensive cardiovascular classes there is and burns through a substantial 700 calories in a 1 hour session. Attending just one spinning class per week can make a huge difference when it comes to your overall weight loss success.

Calories Burned per week – 700


6. Do 1 hour of swimming each week

Swimming is a brilliant exercise that burns through an impressive 660 calories per hour and gives you a full body workout at the same time. It’s also a relatively low impact exercise and a great alternative to the higher impact exercises on this list.

Calories Burned per week – 660


7. Lift weights for 2 hours each week

When it comes to direct calories burned, lifting weights isn’t a very efficient exercise. However, muscle cells burn 3 times more calories than fat cells, so by increasing your overall muscle mass, you can indirectly give the amount of calories your body burns each day a huge boost.

Calories Burned per week – 440


8. Jog for 1 hour each week.

Jogging is another excellent exercise for working away those calories and losing weight. It’s also a very flexible exercise that can be performed outside or inside on a treadmill.

Calories Burned per week – 476


9. Wear ankle weights when you walk

Once you’ve implemented steps 1 to 8, an innovative way to blast through a few, more calories is to wear ankle weights during your daily 30 minute walk. This won’t take up any more of your time but the added resistance will burn off 300+ extra calories a week.

Calories Burned per day – 50
Calories Burned per week – 350


10. Get in the right frame of mind before you exercise

After you’ve incorporated the previous 9 physical habits into your lifestyle, one final way to boost your weight loss efforts is to get your mindset right before exercising. Doing these exercises without the proper motivation means you won’t put maximum effort in and as result, you’ll burn less calories and lose less weight. So make sure that you’re 100% motivated and focused on your weight loss goals before you exercise and perform to your maximum potential.

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