5 Entrepreneur Skills for the growth of your kids

As parents, we want to give our kids the best lives possible – teaching them the skills they’ll need to be successful in all of their ventures.

1. Resilience

Life is full of setbacks, and developing a thick skin is essential to getting on in life. Every entrepreneur needs resilience and determination to get back up when they suffer a blow.

How to Inspire – Allow kids to express emotions and don’t minimize their feelings.

2. Innovation and Creativity

Entrepreneurs need to have nimble mindsets solving complex problems with ingenious solutions. Creative thinking is the bedrock upon which entrepreneurs build their empires.

How to Inspire – Let them play – it’s when kids play that they engage all of their creative energies. Make sure that the games are versatile and not limited to PC or Mobile Games only.

3. Industriousness

No matter how high they rise, the best entrepreneurs never shy away from getting involved in the day-to-day grind. To build a strong work ethic, kids need to learn the value of hard work.

How to Inspire – Build independence by giving kids chores to do and responsibility for getting things done. Lead by example and reduce your own time-wasting habits like frequent use of mobile gadgets.

4. Curiosity

Being curious about how the world works is a precursor to identifying wars to add to it. Entrepreneurs are lifelong-learners always looking for ways to improve themselves.

How to Inspire – Encourage your kids to start new hobbies and pursue their interests, no matter how esoteric. Try having tech-free outings with your kids to museums and activity centers.

5. Self-Confidence

Believing in yourself and your abilities is a cornerstone for a successful life-providing the push to take risks and see things through. Entrepreneurship is all about having faith in your own ideas.

How to Inspire – Encourage their opinions and give them opportunities to make decisions. Even if it’s not what you’d do, let them make choices and learn from experience.

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