8 Facts about Women Pregnancy

1. Pregnancy is about Her – Yes, you are excited about parenthood. But she is the one undergoing the changes during pregnancy. So allow her to be the center of attraction.

2. Pregnancy Brain is not a myth – Be kind. She’ll forget where she kept her car keys – just ignore these instances. Don’t worry, things will return to normal once your baby arrives.

3. She is Hormonal, Don’t mention it – If you see her bawling her eyes out after watching a silly movie, don’t mention hormones. She knows it, you know it- just don’t make it a subject of discussion.

4. Don’t ask, just do – If your wife asks for an epidural, don’t ask ‘Are you Sure?’ Go get the doctor instead. Yes, all you need to do is follow her lead!

5. Sex will not harm the baby – But that doesn’t mean your wife will enjoy it! So, consider your wife’s changing sexual needs.

6. The Delivery room – Well, it is your wife who gets to decide who’ll be with her during childbirth. If she asks you to be around, great. If not, don’t sulk.

7. She will not break – Your wife is pregnant. She hasn’t turned into glass! Treat her well but don’t overdo it.

8. She is right – Well, accept that she is right. If you want peace at home.










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