Chandigarh Liquor Ban Impact – A Complete Coverage with Pictures

From 1st April 2017, According to Supreme Court of India, All bars, restaurants and vendors that are selling liquor have to close their shops permanently which are up till 500m (both sides of the road) from state or national highways all over the India.

And by 3rd April 2017, some hotels & bar association members are planning to get together at Sec 17 Plaza in front of Neelam Theater by 11:00AM Monday Morning.

Some restaurant and shop owners/employees are still protesting against this SC decision.

We believe that the implementation could’ve been well thought out and in the current form affects more people than it intends to possibly save.

And you know a Wheelchair bound “Harman Sidhu” is the man behind this liquor ban on highways and the story of this Harman Sidhu is really amazing and will definitely impact on all Indians.

On 24th Oct 1996, Sidhu had met with an accident while traveling with friends returning to Chandigarh from Himachal Pradesh. Then he referred to PGI where he spent around 2 years in Hospital for his long treatment and observed that most injured persons being brought to the emergency section were in the road traffic injury category.

About Harman Sidhu –

Full Name – Harman Sidhu
Age – 47
Sibling – One Sister who is living in Canada and One brother who is Captain in Indian Army.
Disability – 90%

By 2012, Harman Sidhu files PIL in PHC (Punjab and Haryana Court) seeking closure of all liquor bans on all national and state highways and by 2014, High Court orders that “Liquor Shops should neither be accessible nor visible from highways“. After that in 2016, Supreme Court bans liquor sale on all highways.

It is something absolutely necessary not only to make our highways safe , for our homes, our family & our children”s safety ! Next move should be to ban all liquor shops near educational institutions , near places of worships, near markets & public places ! Gradually we move to liquor less society !

This ruling of the court is another example of judicial activism. For the larger cause, liquor should be banned country wide. We the common people of India are lucky that there are few self-less people like Harman who devout their life for common cause for the benefit of society at large.

Harman Sidhu spent nearly 9 Lakh Rupees to complete his survey where he found nearly 180+ Liquor vendor shops on a 291km highway from Panipat to Jalandhar and traveled around 50,000KM across Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Sidhu is getting so much appreciation calls for this good decision by supreme court but along with he also offered nearly Rs25 Crore to revoke his decision against this liquor ban on national and state highways.

Harman Sidhu also established a Road Safety NGO named as ARRIVESAFE in 2006.

Reporting a liquor Shop in Punjab and Haryana state –

If you find a liquor shops, which is visible or accessible you can report the violation. As per the Court Orders the Excise Department is duty bound to remove it:


You can directly download the complaint form as for Punjab and Haryana and send it through registered post/speed post. And if the action is not taken within 2-3 Weeks then you can directly file an application under RTI Act.

With the ban on serving liquor in commercial establishments in the city coming into effect from Saturday(1st April 2017) in the wake of the Supreme Court order prohibiting sale of liquor near state and national highways, the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Chandigarh has raised a concern over a likely layoff of 5000+ employees and estimated the monthly losses at Rs 150 Crore.

Arvinder Pal Singh who is the president of Hotel and Restaurant Association, Chandigarh stated one statement – “There are outlets which have a monthly sale of Rs 50 Lakh and then there are ones with a sale of Rs 5 Lakh. The sales will go down by half. Those who invested Crores are left with no option.

Liquor Shops along National and State Highways in India

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