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Cowboy Bail Bonds is a bail bond agency located in Dallas, Texas, that has been helping families since 1997. They have approximate more than 19 years of experience in both corporate and family owned atmospheres. Our licensed bail bond agents have helped people in every situation imaginable statewide and nationwide. They will provide you with the professionalism of a corporate company along with the customer service and attention of a family owned business.

At Cowboy Bail Bonds, they believe in going the extra mile to provide professional and courteous service. Their agency is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that whenever you call, there will always be a licensed bail bond agent available and ready to assist you.

What exactly is Bail Bond ?

A bail bond is a surety bond which secures the release of an individual from jail. Currently, there are two types:

1. Criminal. A criminal bail is used in criminal cases. It guarantees a defendant appears for their court date and guarantees payment for fines or penalties decided against the arrestee.

2. Civil. A civil bail is used in civil cases and guarantees the payment of the debt, plus interest and associated costs levied against the defendant.

Anyone a person is detained it is because they are accused of a crime. They are processed into jail and held while they wait for their day in court. Bail is a financial arrangement which allows the release of detainees pending their trial.

Cowboy team undoubtedly have the best staff of professional bail agents anywhere in the country. They understand what you want and what you need. Cowboy Bail Bonds Agency provides unmatched customer service in the bail bond business.

What Happens To The Person Who Just Got Arrested?

This question is frequently asked by those who are for the first time faced with helping a person get out of jail. First, the arrestee is taken to a holding facility and the person is ‘booked in’. This booking process involves fingerprinting, the so-called mug-shot, and a search to find if any outstanding warrants exit. The charges are confirmed, the bail amount is set. This process may take a few hours. If no outstanding warrants exist and this is not a capital crime (murder), the person is eligible for bail.

Their licensed bail bond agents have helped people in every situation imaginable. They also believe in going the extra mile to provide professional and courteous service. Currently they have around 30000+ satisfied customers

How Do I Get a Bail Bond?

Contact a Cowboy Bail Bonds agency. The court will determine the total collateral which needs to be placed to be released. The collateral may be a bond, assets, cash or some combination. Their agency will bond, or ‘post,’ the court’s required amount and the detainees are released.

Their bonding agent is responsible for ensuring the individual comes to court for trial. If the arrestee doesn’t appear, the agency may have a bounty hunter track the person down. A bounty hunter is also referred to as a ‘bail enforcement agent.’

A 3-step strategy used by Cowboy Team

In step one, they will go through and explain how bail bonds work. They will also work with you to find a solution that fits your financial situation.
In second step, You will then pay a small portion of the full bail amount.
In last step, they start to work with you along with the jail facility to quickly secure your release, or that of a loved one, by presenting the full bail amount to the court.

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