About Joanne Trujillo – Pure Acupuncture Denver

Joanne Trujillo is a licensed Chinese Medical Practitioner and NAET Allergy Elimination specialist. Her dedication to being an effective and compassionate healer is rooted in a deep appreciation for healing and natural medicine. Joanne’s approach to diagnosis and treatment is to evaluate each individual holistically on a variety of planes, including the physical, emotional, and psychological levels.

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Joanne’s areas of special interest are in Allergy Elimination with NAET, Pain Management and Injury Recovery, Stress Related disorders, Digestive Functionality, Chronic and Acute pain relief, and Women’s Health Disorders.


She worked in conjunction with the Jefferson County Drug Court and a local addiction recovery center where she designed and implemented an acupuncture program to help those suffering from addiction overcome their cravings and complete their program for recovery with success.

Joanne is also a certified practitioner of the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture protocol for facial anti-aging. Most importantly, Joanne is passionate about working with people and helping them to achieve their greatest health potential.




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