Kate Winslet just touched the BOOBS of Susan Sarandon at SAG Awards – Shocking Pics Inside

SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards just celebrated 22nd Annual SAG Awards on Jan 30th 2016 produced by “Avalon Harbor Entertainment Inc.” Nominations of this Award has already been announced by 9th Dec 2015 at TBS and TNT.

SAG-AFTRA represents more than 160000 actors/announcers/dancers/DJs/News Writers/Editors/Hosts etc. Both SAG and AFTRA members work together to secure the strongest protections for media artists.

This Awards basically focuses on both Individual Performances and their WORK of entire series i.e. Drama and Comedy.

Yes Kate Winslet touched the Susan’s body not only hand but also her BOOBS in SAG Awards. This picture is clicked at SAG Awards where everyone cheers up for the ceremony. When Kate touched the boobs of Susan’s then Michael Shannon was also there with a smiling face. Susan also shamed online after baring her keen cleavage in a lacy bra and blazer in SAG Awards.

SAG Awards touched boobs

Kate Winslet” was born on 5th Oct 1975 who is an English Actress and Singer by born and awarded by many international awards like “Academy Award”, “Golden Globe Award” and “Emmy Award” etc just because of her keen dedication into this industry as she started her career in British Television in 1991 year.

kate boobs susan SAG Awards

On the Other hand, Susan Sarandon who was born on Oct 4th 1946, a 69 year old lady who already stunned at SAG Awards with her dressing style and who also known for her SOCIAL and POLITICAL Activism for various causes. She also won so many awards like “BAFTA Award for best actress”, “Academy Award for best actress” and “Drama Desk Award” etc.

susan bra cleavage