Major Accidents in Yamuna Expressway due to Fog – Watch Video

Government and authorities can do all kind and type of arrangement to deal with fog, but nothing can be done about these reckless drivers, who think they r king of roads. Accidents also happen when there is no fog, don’t know how many accidents we have to see before realizing our recklessness.

A recent accident has just happened in Yamuna Expressway due to Fog.

Watch Video –


We’ve never seen such a big accident with so many cars. This is not because of fog, this is all because of few stupid drivers who don’t know how to manage driving in fog and don’t know how to maintain temperature in car to avoid fog, switching on the parking light while driving, making sure to follow the other vehicle by seeing tail lamp glowing.

We have uneducated driver driving Tempo Travelers in top of Ley Ladhak where the fog and snow covers the entire glass and he drives wiping in hand. Where are those experiences and where is our other drivers having all facility in cars and still don’t have patience to use those features.

Don’t be too critical on the drivers. Clearly this is case of chain reaction. Happens on fast moving roads everywhere in the world. Just one mistake by one driver and that leads to collapse of the entire chain of vehicles behind them.

  1. Always wear seat belts
  2. Always maintain safe distance
  3. Avoid driving in the fog.
  4. Never speed race under any condition.
  5. Always drive sturdy well built cars on roads such as Yamuna Expressway.