Most Encrypted APP has been launched by ISIS Terrorist Group

According to Online Counterterrorism Group – GSG (Ghost Security Group), claimed that ISIS is now working on creating the MOST Secured ANDROID App.

GSG is a counter terrorism network that shutdowns more than 100s of social accounts who were used primarily for recruitment purposes and threats against life and property. They are already working with Federal Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.

They released one APP called as “ALWARI” App which is mostly used by members of various terrorist groups. Last year, one of the hacking group “ANONYMOUS” hacked more than 1000s of ISIS – Twitter Accounts operated by various terrorists groups. Now ISIS has been finding it difficult to use now SOCIAL Networks like “Telegram” and “Whatsapp” etc, Although Some Hackers also stopped ISIS members for using blogger sites like WORDPRESS and TUMBLR.

android App Alwari

The App which they are using is not listed yet on GOOGLE Play as they claimed that it is one of the most encrypted APP so far. Now Some companies also planning to make backdoors for catching the terrorist groups from Social Networks and through Messaging Apps.

This is really a serious matter for all of us that how technical sound they are, which technical members they recruited for these applications.

If we talk about Whatsapp or Telegram, its easy to monitor for FBI and Federal Agencies. Before Alwari App, they launched Amaq Agency App but now they shutdown its hosting platform. But GSG also stated one statement to DEFENCEONE that their messaging features aren’t secure as far we think.

And if they still uses WHATSAPP and FACEBOOK kinda platforms for communication then Federal agencies need to think about some BACKDOORS so that they can easily intercept terrorist activities. Last month, Brack Obama also urged to join the fight against ISIS group.

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