Myths and Facts of Sanatana Dharma

There are statements like:
Sanatana Dharma accepts every way of living life”
“There are multiple ways to reach ultimate reality” etc.

From the perspective of what Sanatana’s message really is, these statements are wrong.

Sanatana does not accept every way of life, for if it would, then why not accept bad-way as well, the only way according to Santana to ‘know’ or ‘reach’ ultimate reality is to follow the path of idealism.

The weapon to use on the path is “knowledge”.

it is true, there are multiple schools of Sanatana Dharma but it is not necessary that every one of it is correct, i am not saying this but they themselves said it.(Ref Mandukya upnishad, 4th part, where Adi shankara refutes other schools by finding flaws logically with reasoning)

Vedas always talk but one, formless, ever-present ultimate reality, so therefore the schools which talks about Dualism does not holds the real message.

It is very well proved by Scholars like Adi Shankara, Guadapada-acharya etc.

So the myths like:
Sanatana accepts every way of life” or “there are multiple ways” or “find your own way” are mere imaginations of people who were devoid of knowledge but tend to believe their own conclusions.

This is the reason why Sanatana forced to learn the teachings from the “Learned person only” i.e Guru.

Some may raise the argument that what about rituals etc?
the answer is simple:
those are the path ways which are taught firstly to reach the final message later which is everything is one Brahman, there is none apart from Brahman(the reality).

This may come as surprise but it is the truth.

The only reason why people are unable to defend Sanatana is their own ignorance regarding it.

Being said this,
I would invite people to throw up some questions if they want to.
I welcome everyone with the questions.
Whether be Atheist, theist, alien, human, demon etc.

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