Now Rajputs Needs 35% Quota in Government jobs – Incredible INDIA

Approx two months ago, there is a jats group who protested against government for reservation quota in every government sector (Jobs/Education/family etc) and now Rajputs from Uttar Pradesh on Thursday did the same thing with a huge rally across Noida and Greater Noida and demanding a special reservation quota i.e. 35% in government jobs.

Gaurav Said – “This is the biggest joke of the millennium, one of the forwardmost caste like rajputs are demanding reservations now ,pandits ,kayasthas and bhumihars will also demnad for reservation.

rajput reservation

This is the only reason why every deserving candidate leaves India and seeks employment outside India. Because in India one day, all the seats will be taken by reserved candidates and there will be no seat left for general category if this system continues. Because every government who comes to power has to please some casts and provide reservation.

If like this will go on in India in the name to reservation then the day are not so far the India will see its end very soon. Unfortunately very few people know the truth about the reservation. Reservation will be their only for the 10 year after India got independence. But due to political leaders the reservation is still going on and we have to stop this bullshit reservation.

For every Indian, all rules should be same, all facilities should be same, there should be no RESERVATION.

Even some of the rajputs are against this quota,

Pratik said –I m rajput and whole my family and my relatives are successful enough to employ other. We don’t ask for reservation. But m surprised why my rajput caste is doing this. This is completely unfair.


We need to understand that equality comes when you start treating people equally. Corruption is the primary disease which India is suffering.

Give reservation to those who is financially poor but we have to stop Caste based reservations. STOP DIVIDING THIS SOCIETY ON THE BASE OF GENDER AND CASTE. There is no excuse in this world to justify any kind of discrimination .

Give reservations to everyone and bring an end to reservations itself and this is the best way to end this discrimination!

#stopthisbullshit #saynotoreservation #freedomindia

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