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SUPER MARIO BROS – One of the best game ever played and developed by Nintendo in 1983. Shigeru Miyamoto is the original owner of this game. Mario Bros is the only game who won so many awards and featured in various magazines.

In Game, Mario character resembles an Italian-American plumber who along with his younger brother Luigi, has to defeat creatures. Nintendo is the latest version of this game but the original version was named as Arcade Version and played by millions of users when we don’t have even smartphones.

There are four enemies in this game, the Shellcreeper, the Sidestepper, the Fighter Fly and the Slipice. When bumped from below, the Slipice dies immediately instead of flipping over. There are around 32 Round of this game which you can play free of cost.


Full Screen Mario Game is a purely HTML5 remake of the original Super Mario Brothers and is created by Josh Goldberg. You can create your own game levels by clicking on LIVE EDITOR Link shown on left side.

In middle, you’ll found two options i.e. (OPTIONS) and (KEYS MAPPING)

  1. Under Options, you can use the functions like TOGGLE Forward, TOGGLE Mute etc
  2. Under Keys Mapping, you can define your own game controls with any keys.

And last, we have MAP SELECT, where it shows 32 Game Levels along with you can create your own MAP by clicking on MAP GENERATOR button.

There are no hard and fast rules for this game, if you directly want to play the game in any round, then by clicking on MAP SELECT Link, you can play any round 🙂


Here are some default key controls which you need to know before to play the mario bros game,

  • Space – Jump
  • Arrow Right Key – Go Forward (D Key)
  • Arrow Back Key – Go Backward (A Key)
  • Arrow Up Key – Jump (W Key)
  • Arrow Down Key – Sit (S Key)
  • CTRL Button – Fire/Sprint
  • P/M Button – Mute/Pause

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