26th Jan (Republic Day): No Cyber War Please

Hello Friends, as you all knows Republic Day is coming on 26th January and is one of our national festival and on such occasions, Cyber Attacker and Hackers may have opportunities to get popular & noticed.

Last year Pakistan and Russian hackers almost hacked more than 1000 Indian government websites and uploaded a deface page on all sites, so its our responsibility to prevent our all sites from hackers.

cyber war india 26 january

You are requested to start deeply monitoring organization Servers and close/harden the pathways for attackers.

Few Action Points:-

  1. Update the Operating System, Web Server (Apache / IIS etc.), Framework or Third Party Software’s (being used on your Portal) with latest Security updates.
  2. Change & set complex passwords for OS and Databases etc.
  3. Scan your systems with updated Antivirus software.
  4. Watch the Logs of Web Servers/Portals for your legitimate users/requests, If any attack pattern found in logs you may block that IP(s) accordingly.
  5. Apply necessary server side validations to protect from top attacks like SQL Injection , XSS Attacks etc.
  6. If possible, then implement the SSL on your IP/Domain along with one Firewall prevention like Cloud flare(Free Plan) or Sucuri Firewall.

Please do the necessary steps to elevate cyber security posture. If you need any help regarding security or other, do mail us at support@yeahhub.com

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Happy Republic Day
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