Russian Teenagers Suicide by just playing the game ? Read Full Report

Russia is examined whether the wave of suicides among young people has led to an ominous social media game called Blue Whale. Two school girls aged 15 and 16, jumped 14-fold less than the house, and another, 15-year-old fifth floor. 14-year-old girl was hit by the train, however, is mediated by Metro.

15-year-old Julia Konstantinova left behind social media message “End“, after it posted a picture of a blue whale, and his girlfriend, 16-year-old Veronika Volkova wrote: “The idea is gone … The end.

It was reported that the police arrested after allegedly shooting a tragic double suicide of two teenage boys.

Russia’s investigative committee has begun an investigation in relation to girls fatal incitement to suicide. Particular attention is given to girls were allowed to contacts in social media. Krasnoyarsk recently been initiated three criminal investigation on incitement to suicide, which is related to the school and the girls were social media. In those cases the girls were rescued.

One school director told the police that he had received an anonymous phone call stating that the student has joined the “group of death“, and intends to kill himself soon. Tsitas confirmed Transport Police that there deaths as a possible cause of death suicide play blue whale. Another girl was planning to kill himself with the girl died, but the thought of the last time around.

Russian media said the teens are told to cut it with a knife or razor blades whale image of your arm or leg.

Also, they are told to watch horror movies all day and wake up at 4:20. In the game of being the 50th day, they are told to take his own life.

Last year, it was feared that the mysterious instigators of Russia may be behind the killing of at least 130. After the alleged cases of arrest of a man’s nose dropped, but now once again had a serious fear that vulnerable teens routed via social media committed suicide.

REN TV reported that the Russian Federal Security Service ( FSB ), the internal report referred to the fact that underage children through the Internet inciting suicide is really a serious problem.

Last year, arrested the alleged ringleader, 21-year-old Filipp Budeikin, who are charged with having organized a group of eight suicides promoted in the years 2013-2016. Budeikini criminal case has said that 15 teenage suicide, and five were rescued at the last moment.