Some facts about Successful and Unsuccessful people

Successful People

Unsuccessful People

Read every day
Watch TV every day
Set goals and develop life plans
Never set goals
Continuously learning
Think they know it all
Forgive others
Hold a grudge
Embrace change
Fear change
Talk about ideas
Talk about people
Accept responsibility for their failures
Blame others for their failures
Have a sense of gratitude
Have a sense of entitlement
Give other credits for their victories
Take all the credit for their victories
Keep a journal
Claim to keep a journal, but actually don’t
Share Information
Horde Information
Excude joy
Excude anger
Operate from a transformative perspective
Operate from a transactional perspective
Want others to succeed
Secretly hope others fail
I am committed to being rich
I want to be rich
I play the money game to win
I don’t want to lose at the money game
I like to think big
Thinking big disappoints
Keep a to-be list
Don’t know what they want to be

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