Terrorists Attack in Pathankot, Punjab 2016.

The New year 2016 is just started and many people look forward to the new year for a new start but its our bad luck that terrorists again attacked in Pathankot, Near Air base station at morning near 3:00 AM. From secrets, it seems that all terrorists were came from PAKISTAN.

Our grateful Prime minister Modi tweeted about this incident –

“Enemies of humanity who can’t see India progress, such elements attacked in Pathankot but our security forces did not let them succeed”

In this attack, all 5 terrorists has been killed by Indian army but we also loose 3 jawans. Due to this attack, Our Beautiful India is again at HIGH RISK. There are also so many big attacks happened in INDIA like 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack – This attack was happened in year 2008 in Mumbai state where more than 160 peoples were died and more than 300 + peoples were injured. Terrorists attacked 5 star Hotel Taj and CST Railway Station. 10 members of Lashkar-e-Taiba which is a Islamic Militant Group based in Pakistan, carried out this attack which lasts 4 days across Mumbai. Out of all terrorists, only Ajmal Kasab pushed out by Indian Army Force who disclosed that all the attackers were member of Lashkar-e-Taiba Group who was hanged in Yerwada Jail in 2012 and rest of the attackers has been killed during the operation.


Moreover in 2001, terrorists also attacked our Indian parliament house, After that in 2002, Lashkar group attack Akshardam Mandir in which more than 30 peoples were died and more than 80 peoples were injured.

Recently, Attackers attacked in Gurdaspur (Punjab) region on 27th July 2015, in which they attacked running bus carried with travelers and we loose one policeman during whole operation and now its Pathankot(Punjab) attack.

PM Modi also salutes all security forces in an interview. Pakistan also condemns this pathankot terror attack in a statement issued in Islamabad. Security in dehradun and JK highway tightened after this attack.

Rajnath also issued a statement in which they said, we want good ties with Pakistan but a befitting reply will be given to any terror attack.

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