Top 10 START UP INDIA Plans by Indian Government

By 15th August 2015, Our honorable Prime minister of India started this Startup India initiative and now its the right team to execute, By 16th January 2016, PM Modi announced some real facts about startup India and stand up India.

Here are the top 10 Plans by PM Modi for India.

1. App Registration – With the help of Mobile App, start up founders can easily register their business which will be launched by 1st of April 2016.

2. ZERO Income Tax cor first 3 years – There will no income tax for startup for next 3 years which definitely helps for our future.

3. Research Park Development – Our Government will also develop new 7 research parks including 6 in IIT campuses which costs around more than 100 crore each.

4. Innovation Related programmes in Schools – Our Government will also plan to start the Innovation related programmes for students which will cover approx 5 Lakh Schools.


modi startup india


5. Tax Exemption for Investments for Higher values – If in case, start-ups need higher value than the market price, then government will definitely gives the tax exemption to those companies.

6. 10k Crore fund – Our Indian Govt will also invest nearly 10000 Crore fund over 4 years for all this support in which the LIC Company will play a vital role in developing this plan.

7. Entrepreneurship in biotechnology – The government will also plan to establish 5 new biotech clusters, 50 new bio incubators, 150 technology transfer offices and 20 bio-connect offices in the country.

8. 24/7 Legal Support – A panel of experts facilitators will provide legal support and assistance in submitting patent applications and other official documents.

9. Rebate offer – A rebate amount of 80% of the total value will be provided to all the entrepreneurs on filing the patent applications.

10. No Capital Gain Tax – For primary-level investments in start-ups, there will be No capital Gain Tax.

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