Why India is still a Developing Country ? 2016

You know why INDIA is still a developing Country while USA and Canada are Developed, here are some thoughts which i think –

1. In every Govt department, the top level seniors/directors/chief are not educated as compared to their Juniors so called we labors.

2. Why Reservation Quota ? panipat fever – Those jats/SC/BC/ST who need quota, Are they from some another planet ? NO ? Then Why bullshit quota ?

– All rules should be same for all humans.

3. Why our IT Act Law is still outdated ?

4. Why the rules/policies/holidays are different for Central Government Employees and for State Government Employees.

5. Every Indian should have one SINGLE Identity Card (Like USA have SSN Number etc), Oh i forgot we have Aadhar Card lol that is again bullshit thing.

6. As modi is focusing to three things i.e. digitalindia makeinindia startupindia right ? but

– what about poor people?
– what about women’s security ?
– what about our border security ?

Indian army doesn’t even have the permission to shoot the Pakis who kill our jawans every month.

7. What about 7th Pay commission for those who are working in Private Sectors ?

– There should be some kind of Minimum Salary Bar to be set for every employee.

8. As we all knows, hindi is our national language right, but why 90% south people don’t know hindi, they only knows their state/regional language

9. All the boarding/Advertisments/Banners/Road Directions Should be either in HINDI or ENGLISH. ?#?india?

10. Minimum Internet Speed should be set to 1MBPS or more, 512kbps is like hell , TRAI jaago mohan pyare

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About Reservation Quota –

The politicians who’ve created reservation quota should be fired as soon as possible.

We, being Jaats or human beings should have thought before voting. We, being Indians should have used our brains before choosing authorities. We, being selfish should have appealed for Better rules and policies.

Are you guys really innocent doing all this? Despite protesting and killings, show your power to remove the fake political party. Appeal in the court.

If we will get involved in killings and protests, what else will be left. Lets live and let others live. Our Constitution, Law and Order is always right. Never challenge the constitution. Be the change. Choose right leaders.

Indian Hierarchy should be clean and clear. We need 1 government which do not make fake promises. Which believes in Implementation more than promises.

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