Women’s History Timeline – You need to know

Though a bit outdated as for the date but it’s quite informative of the inequality between the sexes in the US and the history of women’s rights:

1. In 1848 – Seneca Falls Convention The first women’s rights convention attended by more than 300 men and women, 100 of those gathered signed the “Declaration of Sentiments”.

2. In 1869 – Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton form the National Women Suffrage Association.

3. In 1920 – The 19th Amendment is signed into law, giving all american women the right to vote.

4. In 1932 – Hattie Caraway of Arkansas became the first woman elected to the Senate, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.

5. In 1948 – African American and Asian American women are given the right to vote.

6. In 1963 – The Equal Pay Act was signed into law. Protecting men and women from sex-based wage discrimination.

7. In 1972 – The Equal Rights Amendment was sent to the states for ratification. Twenty states ratified by the end of the year but to this day the amendment has not yet been ratified by enough states to become the law of the land.

8. In 1982 – The ERA had only been ratified by 35 states, three states short of the 38 required to put it into the Constitution.

9. In 1996 – Madeline Albright becomes the first female U.S Secretary of State.

10. In 2005 – Condoleza Rice was appointed the first African American woman to be U.S Secretary of State.

11. In 2008 – In the presidential nomination race, Hillary Clinton won more primaries and delegates then any other female candidate in American history, narrowly losing to Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

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