You can’t imagine where site redirects to ?

Well if you are online on Mobile/Computer then immediately open “” and see where it goes, the new redirection site will be surprised for you and this is what 70% Americans think.

The site actually redirects to a Wikipedia website of one of the most popular politician of USA who is the candidate of President of United States in upcoming Elections i.e. in 2016 year.

1st Hint – You can easily guess by a name of a cartoon serial “Donald Duck”.
2nd Hint – Founder of Trump Entertainment Rescorts.
3rd Hint – Whose Father was a Real Estate Developer.

After all, someone suggested on Twitter that “”  also point to a Youtube Video Page of same person.

google loser

No offense, but this is the one of the funniest Internet Troll of the year and the author who owns this domain should get OSCAR Award for this gag.

Last year 2015, redirected to West’s Wikipedia Page. The domain itself registered in the year of 1997. Since then changed several times.

In 2008, redirected to Brack Obama’s Website and In year 2002, its redirected to South Carolina Governer Jim Hodges.

Who’s next on’s hit list? Lets see


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    February 3, 2016
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    February 21, 2016