Q: Which wireless NIC form factors are best for small wireless computer devices?

Answer: PC Card, Mini-PCI, and CompactFlash.

Q: What are examples of elements that impair the propagation of wireless communications signals through the air medium?

Answer: Rain, snow, smog, and smoke.

Q: What is the primary purpose of a base station?

Answer: Interfaces the wireless communications signals traveling through the air medium to a wired network.

Q: What are common features of wireless middleware?

Answer: Optimization techniques, intelligent restarts, data bundling, screen shaping and reshaping, and end-system support.

Q: On what layers of the OSI reference model do wireless networks operate?

Answer: Physical layer and data link layer.

Q: How is throughput different from data rate?

Answer: Throughput doesn't include overhead of protocols.

Q: True or false: A computer device stores data in analog form.

Answer: False.

Q: A wireless NIC must convert the information into what type of signal before transmission through the air medium?

Answer: Analog.

Q: Which medium access protocol is common with wireless networks?

Answer: CSMA.

Q: Explain how the ARQ form of error control works.

Answer: The receiving wireless NIC performs error checking and sends a request to the sending wireless NIC to retransmit the frame if errors are found.


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