Q: What is a distinguishing attribute of a wireless network as compared to a general wireless communication system?

Answer: In a wireless network, communications takes place between computer devices.

Q: What types of information does a wireless network support?

Answer: E-mails, messages, web pages, database records, streaming video, and voice.

Q: What are the four types of wireless networks?

Answer: Wireless PAN, LAN, MAN, and WAN.

Q: What is the typical maximum range of a wireless PAN?

Answer: 50 feet.

Q: True or false: A wireless PAN consumes little power from small handheld computer devices.

Answer: True.

Q: What is a common standard for wireless LANs?

Answer: IEEE 802.11 or Wi-Fi.

Q: What relatively new standard applies to wireless MANs?

Answer: IEEE 802.16.

Q: Why do wireless WANs not effectively satisfy requirements for indoor wireless networks?

Answer: Wireless WAN systems are generally installed outdoors, and the signals lose strength before reaching the inside of the facility.

Q: What is a common application of wireless networks in homes and small offices?

Answer: Sharing Internet connections among multiple, mobile computers is a common application.

Q: What are examples of applications for wireless WANs?

Answer: Access to Internet applications from outdoor locations, realestate transactions, field-service and sales calls, vending-machine status, and utility-meter reading are a few examples.


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