3 Tips on How to Make Presentations from Your Android Phone

Thanks to advancements in technology in 2021, you can make a presentation from your computer, tablet, and phone. With an android presentation, you can present Google Slides remotely if you need to make a presentation and do not have access to a computer.

Best Presentation Apps for Android

Below are some simple to use PowerPoint android apps.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Thankfully, Microsoft is already a pretty common application to have on your laptop. It is also available for use on android mobile devices. This PowerPoint application has everything you need to create, edit, view, and share your presentations. You can even share it with others, allow them to make and track these changes. The application has free templates and simple themes that you can use, including those from https://masterbundles.com/simple-powerpoint-templates/. Because MasterBundles has a variety of categories – business, technology, minimalistic – you do not have to create a show from scratch if you are short on time.

These premade templates enable you to choose designs that you think would suit your needs. Some of the designs range from simple to fancy, the one you choose depends on your needs and how formal or informal you want yours to be.

Google Slides

If you are a fan of G Suite, then this is the application to use. Even though it is relatively new compared to other apps, it is still useful. Google Slides let you sync the presentations that you can later share on Hangouts. This is handy as you can share these files with people in different locations. You can look for the best Google Slides offers online, like those available at https://masterbundles.com/simple-google-slides-themes/. These themes make it easy for you to create simple, concise, and attractive presentations.

Mighty Meeting

This is a great app to use to create your PowerPoint presentation and share it with your colleagues. You will first need to create some new work on your computer. Afterward, use the Mighty Meeting app to upload the presentation to the cloud, and from there, you can share it with your colleagues. You can create a virtual meeting, and your colleagues from anywhere in the world can join it. During the presentation, you can even open a whiteboard to use to interact with your colleagues by sharing notes and sketches. Once the presentation is done, you even have the option of sending a copy as a PDF file.

How to Create Presentations on Android Phone

When it comes to making PPT shows on your phone, there are a few factors you need to consider.

1. Connectivity

For you to present and share your work on a larger screen, you will need some form of connectivity. You can choose between wired and wireless connectivity. For the former option, you can use an HDMI or MHL port. Since these ports are too large to fit onto a smartphone, you will need an adapter. The adapter will help you connect your phone to a projector.

The wireless option, although more convenient, does have its downsides, too, with the biggest one being connectivity compatibility. Not all devices will allow your phone to connect wirelessly to mirror your phone’s content on the screen. Before you choose this option, you need to ensure that the device you want to connect to will accept your device type.

2. Ensure your presentation is good

Apart from finding the best offers online, you need to make sure your presentation is informative and explores the topic the way you need it. For instance, MasterBundles template will, of course, help you, but your PPT presentation itself should be good. Remember that what looks great on your smartphone screen might appear grainy when blown up on a larger screen. Ensure that the graphics and text you use will still retain their sharpness and clarity on the larger screen.

3. Make use of your voice recorder

Most smartphones now come equipped with a voice recorder, and you can activate it during the Q&A session. This can help you focus on answering the questions your audience may have during the presentation. The recording will also enable you to make notes of the session later on.


As you can see, having the option of creating and presenting a PPT presentation from anywhere gives you a lot of freedom. You may not always have your laptop or tablet with you; make use of the templates compatible with Android apps we highlighted above to create memorable presentations.

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