Top 25 Open Source Intelligence Tools

Open source intelligence (OSINT) relies on having ready access to data stored on the web and other public sites. No list of OSINT tools is perfect, nor is it likely to be complete. Indeed, such is the pace of change that by the time you read this document some of our suggestions may have been surpassed or have ceased to exist.

Open Source Intelligence Methods and Tools focuses on building a deep understanding of how to exploit open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques, methods, and tools to acquire information from publicly available online sources to support intelligence analysis.

Nowadays, OSINT is widely adopted by governments and intelligence services to conduct their investigations and fight against cyber crime.

Benefits –

  • Huge amount of available information
  • High computing capacity
  • Big data and machine learning
  • Complementary types of data
  • Flexible purpose and wide scope

Many estimates show that 90 percent of useful information acquired by intelligence services comes from public sources (in other words, OSINT sources). Unlike Closed Source Intelligence or Classified Information which is secretive in nature, Open Source Intelligence is based on unclassified information which is freely available and within everyone’s reach.

The below listed tools is an indispensable list for anyone responsible for collecting online content from public data, and it is a must-have reference for any casual Internet user who wants to dig deeper into the Internet to see what information it contains.

S. No. Tool Link
0 SL Professional Click Here
1 OSINT Framework Click Here
2 CheckUserNames Click Here
3 HaveIbeenPwned Click Here
4 BeenVerified Click Here
5 Censys Click Here
6 BuiltWith Click Here
7 Google Dorks Click Here
8 Maltego Click Here
9 Recon-Ng Click Here
10 theHarvester Click Here
11 Shodan Click Here
12 Jigsaw Click Here
13 SpiderFoot Click Here
14 Creepy Click Here
15 Nmap Click Here
16 WebShag Click Here
17 OpenVAS Click Here
18 Fierce Click Here
19 Unicornscan Click Here
20 Foca Click Here
21 ZoomEye Click Here
22 Spyse Click Here
23 IVRE Click Here
24 Metagoofil Click Here
25 Exiftool Click Here

As you can see, there are a lot of intelligence and info gathering tools out there. On this particular article, we mentioned only 25 of the most popular OSINT tools, but there is much more to discover. Start digging around and testing other useful infosec and security tools.

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