Top 50 Hacking and Penetration Testing Tools [Compiled List 2019]

From last few years, there will not be such a dividing line between security professionals and network engineers. Hacking tools are not the only thing necessary to successfully complete a PenTest, methodologies are also essential for ensuring that the assessor identifies all vulnerabilities within the client’s network.

Some Hacking tools allows you to scan, search and find the vulnerabilities within any company to help make their systems and network infrastructure secure.

Here we’ve listed out top 50 best Hacking & Penetration Testing tools used by modern security researchers:

S.No Tool Name Link
1 Metasploit Framework Download Link
2 Nessus – Vulnerability Scanner Download Link
3 OpenVAS – Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner Download Link
4 Burp Suite Scanner – Proxy Interception Tool Download Link
5 Nmap – Network Mapper Download Link
6 Wireshark – Packet Analyzer Download Link
7 Aircrack-ng – Password Cracking Tool Download Link
8 Nikto – Website Vulnerability Scanner Download Link
9 John The Ripper – Password Cracker Download Link
10 Netcat – TCP/IP Swiss Army Knife Download Link
11 THC Hydra – Password Cracking Tool Download Link
12 SQLmap – Automatic SQL Exploitation Tool Download Link
13 Ettercap – Network Security Tool Download Link
14 SET Toolkit – Social Engineering Toolkit Download Link
15 Maltego – Forensics Platform Download Link
16 W3Af – Web App Scanner Download Link
17 Ghidra – Reverse Engineering Tool Download Link
18 BeEF – The Browser Exploitation Framework Download Link
19 Ophcrack – Windows Password Cracking Tool Download Link
20 oclHashcat – Password Cracking Tool Download Link
21 Fern Wifi Cracker – Wireless Hacking Tool Download Link
22 GNU MAC Changer Download Link
23 Wifite2 – Automated Wireless Hacking Tool Download Link
24 PixieWPS – Wi-Fi Bruteforcing Tool Download Link
25 Snort – Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention System Download Link
26 SQLninja – SQL Server Injection & Takeover Tool Download Link
27 Wapiti – Web Application Vulnerability Scanner Download Link
28 Acunetix – Web Vulnerability Scanner Download Link
29 IBM Appscan – Vulnerability Scanning Tool Download Link
30 Cain & Abel – Password Recovery Tool Download Link
31 Netsparker – Web Application Scanner Download Link
32 Kismet – Wireless Cracking Tool Download Link
33 Yersinia – Network Security/Hacking Tool Download Link
34 Sn1per – Web Vulnerability Scanning Tool Download Link
35 OWASP ZED – Web Application Security Scanner Download Link
36 NetStumbler – Network Sniffer Download Link
37 SuperScan – Port Scanner Download Link
38 Angry IP Scanner – Port Scanner Download Link
39 TCPDump – Packet Analyzer Download Link
40 Dsniff – Sniffing Tool Download Link
41 SSLStrip – Sniffing Tool Download Link
42 Encase – Forensics Tool Download Link
43 OllyDBG – x86 Debugger Download Link
44 Tor – Anonymity Network Tool Download Link
45 Nexpose – Vulnerability Scanner Download Link
46 Reaver – WPS Bruteforcer Download Link
47 Canvas – Exploitation Tool Download Link
48 Inssider – Wi-Fi Scanner Download Link
49 Medusa – Login Brute-Forcer Download Link
50 DirBuster – Brute Force Directories & File Names Download Link

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