Top 25 Open Source Intelligence Tools

Open source intelligence (OSINT) relies on having ready access to data stored on the web and other public sites. No list of OSINT tools is perfect, nor is it likely to be complete. Indeed, such is the pace of change that by the time you read this document some of our suggestions may have been […]


Top Android VPNs in 2020

VPN services gained popularity among people in different countries. This technology is used to protect a person’s privacy. In general, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and ensures the safety of your data. When you connect your device to VPN, you get information and share it through a public network, an encrypted VPN connection. People […]


8 Different Types of Hackers

According to the dictionary meaning, a hacker is any person who usually has extraordinary computer skills and uses his knowledge to gain unauthorized access to target systems. However, in practice there are several categories of hackers, which are classified based on the intent and motive behind hacking and the method used for hacking. Black Hat […]


Some Useful PowerShell Cmdlets

The Linux operating system has long offered more power and flexibility to its administrators through shell scripting. However, Microsoft Windows lacked this flexibility, because of the limited capabilities of the command prompt. To overcome this limitation, Microsoft introduced PowerShell to efficiently automate tasks and manage configurations. It is built on top of the .NET Framework […]

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OSI Model and TCP/IP Model

When we speak about computer networking, the most basic model that helps us understand how data travels across the network is Open System Interconnection (OSI). This is a conceptual model that helps us visualize and understand how communication between two or more systems occurs. The OSI model breaks the communication system into seven abstract layers […]

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Windows/Linux Useful Commands

There are hundreds of commands that are used in day-to-day Windows administration. Some Useful Commands to Be Run from the Windows Command Prompt are as follows: S.No. Command Usage Description 1 tasklist tasklist Lists all the tasks that are currently active on the system (similar to what’s displayed in Task Manager). 2 tracert tracert < […]

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Free Vulnerability Database And Resources [2020 Compilation]

Vulnerability Database are the first place to start your day as a security professional. Any new vulnerability detection is generally available through public vulnerability database. These database are a big source of information for hackers to be able to understand and exploit/avoid/fix the vulnerability. Some Public Sources for you – […]

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List of Common HTTP Error Status Codes

When you access any application over internet or intranet, every HTTP request that is received by a server is responded to with an HTTP status code which is a 3 digit code, and are grouped into various different classes such as 1xx (Informational), 2xx (Success), 3xx (Redirection), 4xx (Client Error) and 5xx (Server Error). Suggested […]


How to Ensure a Successful ServiceNow Implementation

We have experienced some of the greatest innovations in modern history throughout the past two centuries, as technology has become more prevalent across the planet. The Internet and other forms of tech have given rise to some of the most revolutionary facets in existence, leading to change within numerous aspects of our society. While there […]


Data Destruction Is Imperative, And These Reasons Proves Why

The old days are gone when the process of data destruction used to be a lot easier than it is nowadays. You can no longer wipe your data and simply throw your hard drive out and wish for the best. Today, hackers have become so active and skilled that they can efficiently access your data […]