Three Cyber Security Threats in the Sporting World

When it comes to staying ahead of the competition in any sporting sector, secrecy is often the name of the game. Looking for any edge over their rivals, top athletes and the staff that support them are always searching for a leg up—often protecting their own secrets or attempting to uncover others. Whether finding a […]

Content Promotion

7 Best Content Promotion Practices In 2021

Digital marketing is undoubtedly the most productive strategy for an online business to promote a product or service. Content creation and promotion are known to be an integral part of present-day marketing. Still, there are plenty of promotion tactics recognized as mainstream in due time. Such variability comes as no surprise. As any sort of […]


The Importance of Online Communities During Covid-19

What is the importance of online communities during Covid-19? Covid-19 and lockdowns have drastically changed the world, and everyone is feeling the effect. While people are sitting at home, working at their laptops in their kitchens, some people still need to physically go out to work and mix with people. Those two groups are pretty […]


Promoting Affiliate Offers With Instagram Live

Hey there everyone! Growing your customer base and making a profit is easier when you know how to engage your audience, and using Instagram Live is a great way to interact with potential business leads right from your profile. In this lesson, we are going to show you an easy way to make money by […]


Influencer Marketing In Instagram 2021 Guide

A powerful way to grow your brand’s presence on Instagram is through collaborating with other influencers on the platform, such as bloggers, vloggers, public figures, celebrities and any other influential accounts with a large social media presence and following SMM World – Instagram Likes relates. This type of marketing will not only allow your message […]


SYPWAI is a project that develops AI

SYPWAI – ideas that come true What is the main goal of almost any business? Right, as efficiently and quickness to solve the client’s problem. This is what SYPWAI does. Moreover, it succeeds. Thanks to automation and the constant flow of big data, the system is being improved acquiring new technologies in the learning process. […]

Tech Articles

5 Basic Steps To Protect Your Personal Data Online

Even though news about another celebrity’s hacked cloud storage – from Jennifer Lawrence to Hilary Clinton – appear regularly, many people think their personal information is not attractive to cyber criminals. However, practice shows that fame does not affect the hackers’ desire to get hold of other people’s identifiable information and benefit from it. Numerous […]


How to Pitch Your Startup from HOME 

When it comes to pitching startups from home because of the pandemic, There are only limited ways to find people who will invest in your startup. In this article, we will talk about how to present your startup in the best way possible in different ways. Crowdfunding websites Whether your startup is digital or physical, […]


Shortcomings that leads an Entrepreneur towards failure

With the advancement in the world of technology, every entrepreneur would demand success in his business. This motivation always keeps him bold, ambitious, and determined. Many a time, the individual capabilities of a person result in his great success! But what are the factors making an entrepreneur fail in the respective path. No one ever […]


10 Great Product Pages that Turn Visitors into Customers

The average conversion rate for eCommerce stores globally is about 2,58%, according to Statista. Nevertheless, a quarter of them can boast having a CR from 5,31% or up. Finally, one out of ten online shops has a tremendous 11,45% rate and even higher! Such outcomes depend not only on the products you sell but also […]


Everything In Its Own Time: The Best Conflict Management Style For Various Business Cases

As an expert in your field, you have probably heard about 5 main styles of managing a conflict. Some styles are openly hostile against the opponents, others tend to require the involvement of both parties, and some are outward give-ins. Naturally, among them collaboration looks the best style of all: everyone is fully satisfied and […]


What Is The Future Of Using Cryptocurrencies In E-commerce?

The Role Of Cryptocurrencies In E-commerce Digital currencies can easily be defined as a decentralized payment system that uses encrypted protocol. It is not dependent on any country, government, central bank, or financial institution. The direct exchange and free flow of any cryptocurrency are allowed at all times. The main principle of cryptography that implements […]


API Monitoring: Reasons, Options, and Choosing APIs to Monitor

API monitoring is the process that involves checking Application Programming Interfaces for any availability, functionality, and performance issues. This is mostly done in production. In the past few years, APIs have been adopted by almost every other application we use today. The growth of the Internet of Things and the cloud have also played a […]

Tech News

30,000 Sites is in RISK, The Plus Addons for Elementor WordPress Plugin Hacked

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress plugin which is used to create attractive websites faster by instantly importing the layouts, templates and blocks. A Zero Day Vulnerability has been discovered in popular WordPress Plugin for Elementor Page Builder (The Plus Addons for Elementor) that has over 30,000 installations. The plugin is being actively […]