Free VPN with ad blocker 2024 – How to Choose?

While watching videos on YouTube, reading news, or playing a game, you encounter intrusive ads. This not only distracts and takes up a lot of time but can also threaten your privacy. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent this.

VPN and ad blocker is a solution that will rid you of online ads on your favorite websites. In addition to preventing the loading of malicious content, they reduce the amount of data used.

The first ad blocker extension appeared on the market in 2002. Today, about 33% of internet users worldwide actively use such solutions. There are many specialized tools on the market for disabling marketing creatives, such as AWAX.

How Does an Ad Blocker Tool Work?

Such solutions operate on a similar algorithm: when visiting a website, the tool scans and searches for elements resembling ads to disable them.

Some websites found ways to bypass ad blocking. They encrypt ads in a way that not all tools can recognize them. This is why it’s important to carefully choose the best VPN for ad blocking to ensure your internet experience is as comfortable and secure as possible.

Moreover, with a reliable free VPN ad blocker, you can minimize or completely stop the tracking of your data and web activities. It will be the first step towards enhancing your privacy while working and enjoying leisure time online.

How to Find the Best Solution for Addressing Intrusive Ads?

In this era of pervasive advertising, there are many programs available to disable annoying and pointless online content. But are they all equally effective? The key to choosing the right one is determining the requirements you need the blocker for and its key features.


The best VPN with ad blocker 2024. A versatile software that offers extensive capabilities. It not only protects your confidential data but also warns you about dangerous websites.

Main Features:

  • Setting up a local VPN service.
  • Removing annoying marketing blocks.
  • Stable operation in web browsers.
  • Blocking all types of ads, including interstitial banners and pop-ups.

AWAX acts as a filter between the network and the application on your device. It has a local VPN connection, transmitting data not through a dedicated server but via integrated services.

To download the VPN ad blocker for Android, just visit Google Play or the developer’s official website. Its installation will rid you of pop-up ads that distract you from the main process.


A simple way to block intrusive content. The tool disables marketing creatives and eliminates outgoing connections with ads and trackers. Root access is required to use AdAway as it installs at the root levels of your system.


A customizable ad filter. On any device (Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS), you can block ads in browsers and apps and protect your data. It filters your web traffic, warning you about potential viruses after following a link. AdGuard has flexible settings for sorting marketing inserts.

Norton Ad Blocker for Android

Blocks ad trackers by intercepting cookies. It has parental control features and VPN access.

Norton offers several subscription packages for data protection: Standard, Deluxe, Premium, Mobile Security, and WiFi Privacy.

NetShield Ad-Blocker

This solution offers two levels of protection: from intrusive ads and malware. It also allows you to choose protection options:

  • Not removing unwanted creatives;
  • Eliminating only malware;
  • Blocking malware, ads, and trackers.

If you are looking for the best VPN with adblock on Reddit, YouTube, and other popular platforms, we recommend paying attention to the leader of our ranking. AWAX is based on a comprehensive approach to combating ads, ensuring that your device and data are maximally protected.

Why Choose AWAX?

AWAX stands out from its competitors due to its unique working principles and capabilities. Here are some advantages that make it the best choice:

  1. Convenience: Despite its rich functionality, the user-friendly interface ensures ease of use.
  2. Cross-Platform Compatibility: It works efficiently across various operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.
  3. Reliability: The local filter saves traffic and reduces webpage loading time. Its database is continuously updated to recognize various marketing creatives.
  4. Lightweight: The tool operates in the background, ensuring it doesn’t affect device performance.
  5. Innovation: It employs advanced technologies and unique spam filtering methods.
  6. Flexible Pricing: Available for download with a free VPN ad blocker for Android and other OS with a 7-day trial period, allowing you to evaluate its functionality and benefits.

AWAX ensures fast page loading and protects your personal data, making your internet experience both swift and convenient. This wide range of advantages makes it the most effective ad blocker currently on the market.

How to Get Started with AWAX?

Owners of Android devices can download the app from Google Play. You can also expand AWAX’s capabilities by activating the local VPN connection through the settings.

You can also install the tool from the official website:

  1. Download the installation file from the AWAX website.
  2. Locate the saved package in the “Downloads” folder and launch it.
  3. Open the application and follow the instructions.

For Apple device users, AWAX is available on the App Store. To install the filter on your phone, simply search for “ad blocker” or “AWAX.” If you encounter any issues, you can also use the official website.

After installation, launch the application and configure it by following these instructions:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Select “Safari”;
  • Then “Extensions”;
  • Activate AWAX.

Steps may vary slightly across different devices, but the key point remains that you will no longer see annoying ads!

Advantages of Using an Ad Blocker

Using an ad blocker opens up numerous possibilities you might not have considered, such as:

  • Reduced Traffic Usage: The blocker prevents the loading of numerous ad creatives, reducing traffic consumption.
  • Minimized Risk of Malware and Phishing: No ads mean no accidental visits to malicious sites, and reduced risk of tracking your web activities.
  • Safe Web Browsing: This includes parental controls or specific pages. You can set filters for this content, ensuring it no longer bothers you.
  • IP Address Masking: The ability to hide the identifier of your internet-connected device.

Millions of web users who once said “yes” to ad blockers no longer worry about intrusive ads. Want the same? Consider the AWAX tool, which not only disables marketing content but also protects your privacy online.

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