What are the benefits of an email parser?

A string of symbols (text) is parsed according to formal grammar rules to determine its meaning. Parsing is derived from the Latin pars (orationis), meaning part (of speech). A data processing software that extracts information from email messages is known as an email parser. Parsing algorithms parse and extract data from email bodies, headers, and attachments.

To extract data from messages and export emails to sheets, the email parser uses “parsing rules.” Parsing rules explain how to locate and extract data from emails.

A “parsing rules” setting tells the email parser which data fields to pull from email messages. You can use a Google spreadsheet to convert an unstructured email into structured data that is easy to handle. The extracted data can be further processed using Google spreadsheet formulas and scripts.

An email parser, including: can parse any machine-generated email

  • Job applications on LinkedIn or Indeed
  • Notifications of shipments
  • Google alerts
  • Orders for purchases
  • Emails from contact forms
  • Providers of lead emails

Email parsing: 5 benefits

Email parsing has five key benefits no matter what size or industry your company is in. They are:

  1. Automation of workflows

Business automation software is invaluable to a company. Data entry margins are significantly reduced when less time and human resources are devoted to manual processes.

Parsing emails automatically gathers data from all incoming emails, even emails from multiple addresses, and feeds it into your CRM. The email parser will extract the data you need based on the required fields.

  1. Reduce employee costs

Whether you believe it or not, manual data entry is much more expensive than you think. An automated data extraction API tool is faster, cheaper, and less error-prone than a dedicated data entry worker. If employees take on boring email data entry tasks, it may negatively impact employees’ other work assignments.

You won’t need to hire data entry workers or assign these tasks to your employees if you have automated email parsing software. Even a paid email parsing software will quickly pay for itself since it runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  1. Processing time is faster

The email parsing process is fully automated, so your parsing software will continue to run even if you or an employee are not available. You still receive emails while on vacation, sick leave, or attending conferences when away from the office.

You will have few email backlogs to deal with, and your CRM will automatically incorporate the data extracted from emails. With an automated email mailbox, you can reassign responsibilities or work remotely without losing a step in your overall business processes.

  1. Increasing Quality Assurance

You can automate data extraction from your incoming emails into your CRM or other business applications by using an email parser. In the case of a restaurant listed on multiple food apps, handling hundreds of orders daily can be overwhelming.

Despite the best manual data entry experts, a mistake can cause havoc on your ordering and delivery systems. The delivery team can access customer contact information, items ordered, and delivery locations directly from email parsing.

You can always depend on your email parsing software to provide complete, accurate data. Thus, your business will always be able to deliver exactly what your customers want.

  1. Managing workloads during peak seasons

Companies are constantly swamped when they offer discounts for special days like Black Friday or the Fourth of July or over Easter weekends, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s. According to the type of products they offer, some businesses may also peak during the summer or winter.

Your team can focus on customer satisfaction by email parsing to manage the increased workload. You can target emails specific to your offers and promotions to integrate your CRM of choice since you set your rules as you set up your email parsing API.

The great team you work with during off-peak times can help you meet deadlines, allocate resources, and balance your workflow.

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