Bookings for Gravity Forms: How to Reserve a Movie Theater Ticket?

Managing a movie theater can be a devastating task, especially if the theater still uses old movie ticket sales and booking methods, including written journals and paper bookings. Maintaining a good theater review cannot be easy if you don’t have an online booking system.

An online booking system will gradually save the theater’s employees time by allowing the client to schedule and book directly for themselves online using their personal computers or mobile devices according to their convenience and flexible schedule. There are many booking software available in the market and you can easily find Eventbrite alternative as well.

Buying online movie theater tickets assists every individual in the theater business, especially the customers, in knowing when they can watch their favorite movie without being physically present at the theater. Suppose the movie theater employees are manually selling the movie tickets. In that case, the theater is missing out on some of the best chances to give their customers a service that gets results.

Let’s dive into discussing how to book a movie theater ticket using Bookings for Gravity Forms:

What is Bookings for Gravity Forms?

Bookings for Gravity Forms is a seamless and powerful way for any business agency to manage their day-to-day B2B and B2C operations, particularly booking and managing meetings and appointments.

With Gravity Bookings, a premium WordPress extension, it makes it easy for your customers to schedule instant appointments and meetings with the help of multiple self-serving options. It enables users to manage appointments via Google Calendar. Gravity Bookings allows you to book multiple appointments online from any of the listed service categories along with their type. When a customer visits their appointments, email is directed to them, and the logs are stored in the admin panel.

Applications for Gravity Bookings?

Gravity Bookings is capable of more than accepting online payments and bookings. Technological advancements have taken a big step in the last few years, helping organizations develop a central hub to manage every aspect of their business, including digital market automation, distribution, and operations.

Some of the things you can do with Bookings for Gravity Forms:

  • Monitor your growth with real-time reporting metrics.
  • Avoid redundant bookings by managing channels.
  • Assigns inventories and staff to multiple individual activities.
  • Gather information about your guests that includes their phone number, address, etc.
  • Distributes daily tasks on a priority basis.

The Features of Gravity Bookings

Here are some of the features of the Gravity Bookings plugin:

  • Pricing and Appointment Policies: The admin and the staff have full access to the pricing policy. Staff can also change the status of accepted, canceled, and visited.
  • Full-Day Appointments – Admins can also schedule appointments for the overall day. Assistive and global appointments are offered instantly.
  • Smart Upload in Gravity forms – Gravity forms file upload add-on gives users the feature to preview their files before uploading them
  • Easy Installation & Configuration—Bookings for Gravity Forms is easy to install and configure on a WordPress-enabled website.
  • Easily Extracts Data: Each type of appointment data can be easily exported in CSV and PDF file format.
  • Highlights Service Category – Customers can choose any “service category” for an appointment from the available list of services.
  • Multiple Payment Options—Highlights multiple payment gateway options for your potential customers.
  • Calendar or List View – Booked Appointments are displayed in a calendar or list view.
  • Email Notifications & Alerts– Notifies emails to the client once the appointment has been confirmed.
  • Unrestricted Booking Rules: Add unlimited booking rules, including staff count, service categories, and time slots.
  • Multi-Step Forms – Gravity Bookings premium plugin consists of multi-step forms functionality. Admin can display appointment booking forms for clients in a stepwise format.
  • Mobile Responsive: The Gravity Bookings plugin is 100% mobile responsive. Clients can easily manage their appointment bookings via mobile devices and tablets.
  • RTL Text Functionality: Gravity Bookings also supports RTL (Right-to-Left) text functionality. Customers that use RTL languages can also book their appointments very easily.
  • Conditional Logic enables you to build rules to display or hide the field based on relevant fields’ particular values.

How to Book a Movie Theater Ticket?

The following steps are needed to book a movie theater ticket using Bookings for Gravity Forms:

Back-End Display:

Step # 1:

In this step, the user can look for the category they want, add a new one, and then click “Apply” to move on.

Step # 2

On the service category page, users can see all the relevant categories, add new services, and apply new changes as per the user’s preferences.

Step # 3:

Users can select any staff member, add a new staff member, and click on “Apply” to proceed with the desired changes.

Step # 4:

Users can see the details of existing staff members and can also add a new staff member to the list.

Front-End Display:

Step # 1:

Enter the required details as shown in the image below and then click on Book Appointment.

Step # 2:

After you have successfully added the relevant details, the following screen will be highlighted.

Step # 3:

Once you have successfully booked the appointment, the following popup window is displayed.

Getting Started

If you want to get hands-on experience with Bookings for Gravity Forms, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Gravity Forms site.
  2. Login to your account, and go to the download section.
  3. Download the Gravity Forms plugin, Install, Update and Activate the Plugin (Find the Installation Guide here)

For further information, read the technical documentation here.


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