CryptoMatex Review: $250 is enough to start crypto trading

How much money do you need to have to try your hand at trading crypto with CryptoMatex? Where to start? How not to lose start-up capital? I will give you all the answers in this review.

First of all, don’t rush, take your time and learn as much as you can about the platform. The secret is that to be successful, you must have enough knowledge. This will help you to avoid stupid mistakes and minimize the risks of losing money.

Of course, we don’t mean a diploma in economics and finance. To get started, it is enough to learn more about the stock market and what you need to trade.

Use demo account

I imagine that among you many beginners do not trust online trading. Well then for all of you who just want to try, why not try the CryptoMatex demo account?

In my opinion, from many points of view, it is the best thing to start with. It contains all the features of the standard account, only it is financed by CryptoMatex with fictitious money. This means you can trade without fear and do all the trading tests you want.

Don’t forget to start small

Today, there are practically no restrictions on the investments for entering the market. It is allowed to start even with minimal amounts. CryptoMatex offers to start with a basic account and a deposit of $250. At the beginning of your career, the amount of money doesn’t matter. The main task is to cover the purchase of the minimum lot and pay the commission to the broker. Do not open many trades initially. As the proverb says: slowly but surely.

– Choose the account type that fits your possibilities and needs

Different traders come to the CryptoMatex platform. That’s why the team needs to offer something that can satisfy all of them. That’s why you can choose one of four account types: from very basic with a minimum deposit up to platinum which erases all limits.

Safety first

Why do we advise choosing CryptoMatex? First of all this platform always is guided by considerations of safety and reliability.

In 2014, hackers stole 850,000 bitcoins from the accounts of the MtGox exchange, the management of the exchange filed a bankruptcy lawsuit, and users never received their funds. CryptoMatex uses KYC, AML protocols, and segregated accounts to provide customers the best service and keep all the money and personal information protected.

Discipline matters

CryptoMatex provides access to many different markets and provides a high degree of leverage on a 24/7 basis. The emotional state of a trader is constantly challenged, with fear and greed that often drive impulsive behavior. Don’t trade when you are too emotional.


CryptoMatex is about financial freedom. It means independence from employers, government, and crises. To get all this, you need to work on yourself and strive to become the best in what you do. And there is enough motivation and instruments for this.

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