How Do I Get a Job with No Experience?

Does every job posting you come across calls for an experienced candidate? Whether you’re a student or a professional changing careers, finding a job with no experience can be a real struggle. Since employers prefer someone with experience, you might find it harder to stand out. Yet, with a thorough preparation and persistence, you’ll get noticed and hired. Check out the professional advice below.

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5 tips to get hired with no experience

Focus on education and training

If you lack paid experience, the best thing you can do is to show off the theoretical background needed to excel in a job. Students can list their academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities and relevant coursework. Career changers can focus on training, certifications, and advanced degrees. Both should make an effort and explain their motivation and fit for the job in a cover letter. Prove that you have the right knowledge for the job, and the employer might overlook the lack of experience.

Get in touch with companies that aren’t hiring

When you apply through the job boards listed in Lensa’s article, you are compared against hundreds of other candidates which makes it harder to get noticed. Smart job-seekers contact their target companies directly, even when there are no jobs advertised. Pitch the company and tell about your qualifications are. The company might call you for an interview once the right position opens or even create a position right for you. In either case, you face less competition.

Use your unpaid experience as an asset

The fact that you didn’t have a 9-to-5 job doesn’t mean that you have no experience at all. Maybe, you’ve volunteered for a community service or non-profit organization, worked as a bartender in summer or helped a friend to set up an Instagram page for her business. Describe those experiences as you would describe a ‘real’ job – list responsibilities and accomplishments. If you struggle writing about unpaid experience, purchase the help of a resume service near you.

Network offline and online

Employees that come through referrals are immediately seen as more trusted. So, reach out to everyone and ask if they can recommend you for a job. Your alumni, professors, friends – anyone can be a source of great opportunities. Don’t neglect online networking – reach out to recruiters or people working in your dream companies and set up the contacts. Ideally, you should buy your resume order from a legal UK CV writers online so that your resume looks presentable.

Aim for jobs you can realistically get

When you have no experience in a certain industry or profession, it makes no sense to apply for roles that obviously need years of experience. Target the jobs you can realistically get, for example, junior or trainee positions. Although such roles may require experience as well, employers can consider you anyway if you have the right education and skills. Having gotten that job, you’ll be able to work your way up. To speed up the job-hunting process, you don’t have to write my resume for me on your own. Find professional CV writers who can assist you at a cheap cost and help highlight your strengths.

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