How to Legally Watch Netflix On Your Mac

As millions of people around the world are stuck staying at home during the COVID-19 quarantines, finding ways to stay entertained has become crucial. Netflix has grown to be the most popular subscription streaming service on the planet, with over a billion users and counting.

Many Mac users are shocked to find out that such a popular platform doesn’t have a compatible app for their computers. Mac users can sign up and pay for a Netflix membership, but are unable to download their favorite shows to watch when they go offline.

There are a few online companies that are offering an easy way to download Netflix movies on Mac for free, but they are not legitimate. These companies are offering downloadable software to get around the legal restrictions and many of them carry malware that can damage or wipe your hard drive. If you want to legally download from Netflix, here are a few steps to follow so that you can enjoy unlimited entertainment offline.

What You Need to Get Started

Although there is currently no Netflix app for Mac computers, there is a way that you can still legally download your favorite shows. To start, you need to have the right set up.

  1. Have an active Netflix subscription
  2. Choose shows from Netflix that have the “Download” option
  3.  Strong Wi-Fi connection that will support your download and streaming speed
  4. A device that supports Netflix like an iOs or Android phone or tablet

Set Up the AirPlay App

AirPlay is an innovative application that allows shared streaming between iOs devices. If you can’t get the Netflix app on your Mac, you can use AirPlay to act as a bridge between your computer and your compatible phone or tablet. Simply download the AirPlay app to both your mobile device and your Mac so that they can communicate freely.

Watching Downloaded Netflix Movies On Your Mac

The only way to legally watch your favorite shows or to binge watch a popular series on your Mac is to route it through a compatible device that can legally pick up the Netflix app. Once you have downloaded the Netflix app onto your iOS device like your iPhone or iPad, you are almost ready to sit back and start watching.

  1. Make sure that the Wi-Fi connection is strong enough to enjoy a buffer-free watching experience
  2. Open the Netflix App on your iOS device
  3. Select the movie or show that is available to download. If you want to binge an entire series, you will need to complete this process for each individual episode of the program
  4. Click the “download” button icon
  5. Your download connection should be linked to your Mac through your AirPlay app making it possible for you to view your iOS download on your computer

Dedicated Mac users are loyal to their computers and are willing to find creative ways to get around the software and application limitations. Using these tips, you can successfully and legally download TV shows and movies from Netflix to enjoy whenever and wherever you want.