How to Maintain Connection with Loved Ones During Lockdown?

WHO experts and government officials are asking people to stay indoors and maintain social distance to battle the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). With the help of safety precautions in place, we can end this pandemic sooner than expected. It is necessary to follow the SOPs and stay safe.

But many of us find it extremely difficult to stay indoors. For them, social distancing and lockdown are bad news. However, there are many fun activities you can do while staying indoors. With a subscription to an internet service like Cox service, you can still stay connected to the world. You could watch their favorite shows on Netflix or make a WhatsApp call to their best friend. You can benefit from this time of social distancing to master new skills as well.

Below are ways to stay connected while maintaining social distance during the lockdown.

Connect with Apps

Technology is responsible for creating distances in many relationships today. Children waste a lot of time on social apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook to name a few. While they’re using them, they do not even think about spending a few minutes with their parents. On the other hand, technology has also brought people together. Now, they are using the same platforms to share positive messages. They are also finding time for their families and connecting with them by using videoconferencing software and apps. These apps assist in video calling, voice calling, and face-to-face interactions. You could use them to conduct business conferences, web seminars, and more.

Go digital to stay in touch with your close circle. During breakfast, while sipping on your coffee, you can simply have a video call with friends. At night, you can join a virtual watch party to watch a favorite movie or show together. These are only some of the ideas. You can even hold a dinner party with everyone cooking the same meal!

Participate in Online and Virtual Events

Many schools, institutes, and yoga studios are offering online courses and training. Basically, a lot is going on the web. You can engage in these fun activities to entertain yourself, improve your health, or get an online degree. For instance, the Philadelphia Zoo is offering an educational series. It is quite informative and useful. Philadelphia’s Museum of the American Revolution is also providing a virtual tour.

Engage with Family Members

There are many things you can do to reconnect with your family during the lockdown. First and foremost, appreciate all the time you have with them. Sit down with and crack jokes to lighten everyone’s mood. Cook dinner with them and try new food. Buy board games such as puzzles or Monopoly to enjoy free time. You can also play games on your PlayStation device. Moreover, you can also plant a garden in your home.

Conduct Outdoor Activities

Social distancing isn’t about completely isolating yourself. There are many activities you can engage in while observing the SOPs released by WHO (World Health Organization). Saying hi to your neighbors from a distance is allowed. You can also connect with them on a driveway or sidewalk. Involve kids in creative activities. Provide them sidewalk chalk and ask them to create driveway art. You can also provide them washable markers. Using them, they can play tic-tac-toe with friends. Going on a scavenger hunt with your neighbors is also a fun outdoor activity. Even adults can participate in this.

Make a Surprise Phone Call

Many digital options exist today to connect with friends and family. Despite their availability, a simple phone call works like magic every time. Surprise your better half while you’re working remotely. Just hearing their voice will uplift your spirits. You can also phone your parents while you are stuck in a foreign country due to travel restrictions. Simply asking them how they’re doing will make them feel better. Let them know that everything will be alright and you will see them soon.

These are a few ways and activities to help you stay connected while maintaining social distance during this pandemic. You can master new skills, connect with your family, and make new friends even during this challenging time.

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