How NCERT exemplar is helpful to ace your exams

Students while preparing for their boards or any entrance exams, are always in search to find some material that helps them in preparing well. Especially for the competitive exams like JEE mains or JEE advanced exams, students wish to prepare well and try to focus to cover every topic possible.

For this, the best thing is to go for NCERT exemplar books which contain all the conceptual sums and high-level questions. This helps the students to have in-depth learning of the topics which helps them to perform well in their exams.

Not only for entrance exams, but NCERT exemplar is also great for class 10th and 12th. It will include questions in the form of MCQs, new concepts, skill development questions in such a form that will help in generalizing the concept. This will help in giving some concept-based knowledge, making the learning process easy.

Know that the NCERT exemplar is designed in such a manner that the students can get easy access to all the topics and concepts.

This is very common for the students to feel stressed, so taking help from the NCERT exemplar will surely help them out. Following are some of the points highlighting how NCERT exemplar will help the students with their exams:

  • Credible information- Know that the NCERT exemplar is designed by experts and experienced teachers, so you can rely upon it. This is done by them after doing extensive research so that every possible topic is covered in the exemplar. Also, the students can blindly rely on these as these are prepared by some professionals. So the study material will be reliable, authentic and will guide you in the right direction.
  • Standard questions- The NCERT exemplar will include all kinds of question levels- low, medium and high. This means this is preferable for all kinds of students. This will extensively cover all the kinds of topics that are expected to come in the exam.
  • Strong basics- It will cover all the concepts, making sure to build your basics strong. This will help the students to prepare on a higher level so that they can perform well in exams, no matter what the level of exam is. It will help you to face all the levels of the exam, making sure to score well.
  • NCERT books- Whether board exams or competitive exams, many questions asked in the exam are taken from NCERT books. These will cover all the questions that are asked from the NCERT books in detail.
  • Easy language- If you are an average student, the NCERT exemplar will help you out. These are in easy language which makes them suitable for all the students. So, you can easily take notes from these books as you can easily understand them. With this, you won’t feel the need of seeking help from other books.
  • Practice- Students have to do good practice to do well in the exams. More practice will increase the chances of a student acing the exam. The students will get questions in form of MCQs, match the following, fill in the blanks, short question and long questions. Practicing this will surely help the students and will boost them with confidence. Practicing the NCERT exemplar problems will give you an easy hand at twisted or tough questions as well.
  • Tackle tough questions- No matter, you are in 10th, 12th or preparing for any competitive exams, 10% of the exam is always tough. The NCERT exemplar will help you to solve this 10% of the exam with full efficiency. You can easily tackle the tough question without facing much difficulty.
  • For all subjects- The best part is that these are available for class 10th, 12th and other competitive exams. Also, it covers all the subjects like mathematics, biology, chemistry, accountancy, business studies, social science, English, Hindi, physics etc. So no matter in which stream you are, you can easily have access to these in all subjects.

So above are some of the benefits of NCERT exemplar solutions. If you are looking for these solutions, you can get them from Infinity Learn.

They provide study material from class 6 to class 12 in all subjects. They provide NCERT and CBSE solutions for all the subjects. There are many reference books in the market, but it is always asked to stick with the NCERT books because NCERT books cover everything in detail in easy language. Make sure to solve the NCERT exemplar problems to perform well in the board exams.

You can easily get them online and download the notes in pdf form for easy learning. This is meant to be the top study material when it comes to preparing for class 10th, 12th and competitive exams like JEE Advanced, JEE mains etc. This will surely help you to achieve your academic goals.

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