How to Pitch Your Startup from HOME 

When it comes to pitching startups from home because of the pandemic, There are only limited ways to find people who will invest in your startup. In this article, we will talk about how to present your startup in the best way possible in different ways.

Crowdfunding websites

Whether your startup is digital or physical, Crowdfunding websites offer you lots of room to show off your startup. You can tell the story behind it and what changes it will make. The more unique your product is the better it will perform. This will be your pitch to the people who will invest.

So having videos and pictures that will showcase your work is key here. Listing the risks and faq helps a lot too.

Direct emails

Another way is to send direct emails to potential investors. To do so you need to have a very good idea of where to find these people. Searching on LinkedIn by keywords like Angel investors, Venture or investor will turn in some pretty good results.

Searching for them on LinkedIn is simply to get the first name, last name, and domain name for the second step which is using a tool called where you can type the previous details and get the email.

Once you have the email get ready to send in the pitch but before you do you will need to do a very important step.

Research your investors

Don’t send to your investors a template email that you have sent to many others. Actually do some research on them and see what are their needs, interests, and companies they have invested in.

There are many investors out there that could bring you down for many reasons. So to do this right make a background check first.

This is a tedious journey but every investor counts because you want the big fish in the sea. So treat each investor on its own as if they are the ones who will work in your company and apply for an interview. You can take help from professionals who help startups get finance and grow their business. Before hiring any professional, you must check Newchip Accelerator Reviews first.

I’m talking about all the important details you look for in a candidate whenever you are hiring for a new person. Investors in the end are normal people who want two things, Value & money!

Interactive demo or a prototype

It helps a lot as well if you have an interactive demo of your startup or a prototype. Physical or digital you need to present something to show yourself as someone who is serious and not just an idea.

Put yourself in the investor’s shoes and think for a moment if you will give a big chunk of your money to someone, Why would you do that? Out of being nice?

When it comes to money you will have so many questions thrown your way that will make you question yourself if you are ready or not. So you need to really think ahead and why do you need the money?

Is the money needed for getting new people to join your startup?
Do I know how this will be 5 years from now?
What’s the ROI now and what is the expected ROI in the future?

So many questions you need to be prepared for if you want to pitch your idea right.

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