Set ASCII Text Art in Kali Linux Terminal Header

Kali Linux is the most recent live disk security distribution released by Offensive Security. The latest version i.e. Kali Linux 2017.3 has over 600 security and penetration testing tools included, categorized into helpful groups most often used by penetration testers and others assessing information systems. Unlike earlier distributions released by Offensive Security, Kali Linux uses the Debian distribution as its base.

Today we’re going to show you, that how to set an ASCII Text graphics in Kali Linux’s Terminal Header.

Basically you need to install one small utility so called as Figlet which is already available in all Debian repositories.

Github Link –

FIGlet prints its input using large characters (called ”FIGcharacters”) made up of ordinary screen characters (called ”sub-characters”). FIGlet output is generally reminiscent of the sort of ”signatures” many people like to put at the end of e-mail messages.

Add the below line of code at the bottom of the sources.list file which is located at /etc/apt/ directory.

Code – deb stable main contrib non-free

Then go back to terminal and type “apt-get update” and follow all instructions.

As soon as your upgradation got completed, type “apt-get install figlet” to install the figlet package.

After the complete installation of figlet, edit /root/.bashrc file and embed your custom content in below format like
figlet <Your Name>” at the bottom of the file as shown below:

You can use any editor to edit the above file like Vi, Vim, Leafpad, Gedit etc.

To see the result, just open the new terminal.

You can also use the direct “figlet” command to generate the ASCII text from an ordinary text.

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