How To Simplify Your Company’s Digital Asset Management

Content management is vital to modern companies and their brands but getting it right is becoming harder as digital content increases in volume by day. The top three social media platforms see more content daily than end users will ever need and it can take the average user about 72 days to completely consume the amount of content posted on YouTube daily.

According to Canto, digital asset management (DAM) can be an effective solution for businesses seeking to remain relevant in today’s noisy content world. Your creative team can manage all your digital assets from one cloud-based platform making it easier to access and distribute your digital files. Here are some tips to help you simplify your company’s digital management efforts.

Understand your company’s unique needs

Digital asset management (DAM) involves developing, maintaining, and selling your company’s digital assets. But the realities of managing your assets cant be a one-for-all approach. It’s a given that brands differ in their audiences and with these differences, their digital media can have multiple sources. Therefore, it’s only right to understand the buyers’ unique needs and the implication for the changes in asset usability. Understanding your end user’s needs can help you with insights in making other decisions to simplify digital asset management efforts.

Form a qualified team

Forming your DAM team involves bringing content management stakeholders to participate in the key decisions towards platform acquisition, among others. Your creative team can include your photographer, designer, marketer and it’s tempting to leave other departments behind. Experts recommend inclusivity in building teams, especially for adopting digital solutions like DAM software. Therefore, you can go beyond your creative team considering other functions like customer service. Bringing your creative team also helps chart a workflow that best fits your new content management model. You can also establish the workflow based on your company’s content needs.

Purchase the right DAM software

Purchasing a DAM platform can be daunting because several options exist in today’s SaaS-abundant world, which means that digital managers are spoilt for choice. But the decision involves rigor in considering platform features, user testimonials, etc. Some platform features to look out for include artificial intelligence and machine learning templates that enable automation. These features can be a great option in scheduling content, saving them on the cloud, and retrieving them remotely from multiple devices.

It’s better to also opt for purchasing decisions that favor long-term adoption, which can widen your scope and reduce your expectations for results in the DAM solution’s early stage. Results take time, and your creatives may need it more in getting the hang of the system to leverage it for sustained content impact.

Orient staff about the new system

While it’s important to involve your creatives, leaving your sales teams and other administrative professionals out might not be an inclusive decision. They may not be responsible for producing and managing your organization’s assets but your results can affect them as much as anyone else in the organization. Furthermore, your DAM can benefit from an all-hands approach rather than fielding the efforts only your DAM team. So it pays to rope in everyone by orienting them about the new system and its implications for business growth.

Visualize and communicate progress

Many DAM platforms come with analytics features making data visualization easy to handle. Making data the mainstay of your DAM journey can help you with accurate insights for effective content decisions. Using big data to map your journey and categorize your results based on file type and asset keyword can be a great option. Communicating progress with simple data visualization tools like Powerpoint can bring your team on the same page about the value you can bring in with your DAM.

Generally, businesses can significantly benefit from their assets, and establishing a DAM solution with the user experience in mind can help streamline and simplify your actions from ideation to delivery.

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