Tier 2 Link Building: A Complete Guide to One of the Most Effective SEO Strategies

Just like the title says, tier 2 link building is one of the best SEO strategies. However, it’s also one of the most underestimated. Yes, some links look like they don’t fit on the website, and Google algorithms change rapidly. But the value of this technique is still very high if you use it properly.

A smart link to your page on a well-targeted source may bring loads of traffic and interest. And it doesn’t matter whether you want to draw attention to your service, product, persona, or whatever it is that you’re promoting. It’s like asking a friend for recommendations. Regular readers see a post about your website or one contributed by you as an author and consider it a recommendation to visit.

Of course, the content you fill your source with matters, as well as responsive design like NIINPouches.com and the overall marketing strategy. But in this guide, we’ll focus on the chain of tier 2 links. So, let’s imagine all the other factors are up and running on your website.

What Are Tier 2 Links?

First of all, let’s understand what tier 2 links are.

For that, let’s go back to first-tier links. These are regular backlinks promoting your source on other websites. The better their ranking is, the better. Google likes it when you’re mentioned by services with authority.

Second-tier links connect readers of a third-party site to the post that promoted your link:

Your Website 


Great Website with a Backlink (Tier 1) 


Another Nice Website with a Backlink to Your Tier 1 Mention (Tier 2)

By building tier 2, tier 3, and further links, you can create a whole link wheel. This is another SEO strategy that requires multiple websites to build links in a way that the endpoint is the promoted source.

Back in 2016, when Google released Penguin, link building became a hot topic. Even if you posted a link without context on a poor-quality website, your ranking would improve. According to the new algorithm, the quantity was over quality.

It’s not like that anymore, so SEO strategies were upgraded. You can still use tier 2 link building and get amazing results, but only if you know when and how to act.

Main Guidelines on Build Second-Tier Links

Here are the basics you should know when considering candidates for link building:

  • Second-tier links work best for pages with a high domain authority yet low page authority. When we say “low”, we still mean higher than Ahrefs DR (domain rating) of 30;
  • Make sure at least a couple of websites you’re posting on have a higher DR than 50. You’ll get much more return from them. Say, having 3 second-tier links on a DR 35 website and 1 on a DR 65 site will get you similar results;
  • Avoid sources with a multitude of outbound links. You don’t want to end up on one page with your popular competitor. And overall, having a tier-2 link on a site with a good reputation and a few other links will get you higher on Google SERPs (search engine results pages).
  • Consider powering up your tier 2 links with tier 3 ones. The whole link wheel strategy might sound random because you never know if a visitor goes through all the links. However, it’s a working method that brings more attention to the higher tier and your website as well.

Hope you can see the pattern. In case all of this sounds confusing, you can get help.

Where to Get Link Building Help

If link wheel, link building, tier 2, tier 3, etc. are difficult terms for you or you have core business to attend to, several things will help:

  • Services like LinksManagement USA. This is a reliable American link-building service that will take up your website promotion. The results are quick if you’re working with an experienced company!
  • Reading more SEO guides.
    Guides like this one provide you with basic information about the best strategies. Later on, you can choose one that will suit the project the most.
  • Reading blogs of SEO specialists.
    SEO and marketing experts often have blogs where they share wisdom, tips and tricks, and even step-by-steps and how-tos.
  • Being updated.
    As you start working on tier 2 link building, follow the trends. Many resources provide a compilation of trends by year, season, and even month.

Don’t hesitate to get help when necessary.

FAQ About Second-Tier Link Building

Here, you will find answers to the most interesting questions about tier 2 links.

Does the anchor have a meaning for tier 2, tier 3, etc. links?

Anchor really matters only for tier 1 links. They have to be well-structured, contain keywords, and the words around them should praise your website. The content also should be relevant so that your target audience catches the message.

However, for tier 2 links, anchors aren’t so important. You can work on them but Google only analyzes the words used for basic backlinks. There are other, really essential things to focus on.

Are the links relevant to my money site or at least the site with the backlink?

Many companies make their goal to provide relevant links according to the information you provide about your money website (the promoted one). However, it’s not guaranteed, and not really needed most of the time. The relevance to the article the backlink is used in is more valuable here, but also not required. 

The decision is yours. If you want everything to be perfect, it will take more time, money, and effort. But chances are you’ll find amazing partners along the way. It’s also an option to base your choice solely on the rating and authority of the website for tier 2 links.

Is it OK to use international websites in other languages for my second-tier links?

Sure, but you might not get as much attention from the readers of the source as your website is in English. If you have a foreign language version, the strategy will work fine. It may also be effective if the link is more for quantity than quality.

Such an approach depends on many factors, including the tier 1 source and your business niche. Is it suitable for foreigners? Do you think about going worldwide?

Is it OK to use these for my foreign language site?

This may work as well as the previous method. However, it’s recommended to provide a brand name, anchor, etc. in English because the readers will be English-speaking.

Generally, there are enough websites in the same language for tiered promotion. But experiments are great and may bring you unexpected results.

Are social media any good for link sharing?

Of course! Social media can be used for all kinds of promotion. You can share links to your pages and tier websites. Ask people to retweet and repost, looking for your target audience.

SNS is an incredible tool for marketing. You can promote your guest posts and news from the website, introduce your team, create a personal brand. The field is limitless, so definitely incorporate your profiles.

Learn more about tiered links and build your strategy ASAP!

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