Top 10 Mistakes a College Student Must Avoid

Loads of classes, assignments, activities, and experimentations; how will you navigate college without falling into the common pitfalls? Students make mistakes, some that see many quitting or finding it harder to succeed. While mistakes can be a learning experience, some should be avoided. As a college student, here are some of the must avoid mistakes to help you realize smoother progress.

Following the crowd

You had a plan going in, but are you still on track? Are you pursuing your goals, or have you lost sight of what’s important and simply following what others are doing. Picking classes just because more of your friends are taking it, clubs, and activities that aren’t in line with your interests, among others, can derail your college progress. Adjusting your goals is okay. However, only do it to accommodate changes such as schedule, not to give up on them and follow the crowd as you’ll be lost.

Being unorganized

What should you be doing and when? Can you tell what is where? You don’t have all the time in the world to get through college. Your quests will take a significant blow without an effective time management strategy. Develop and stick to a schedule, and stay organized to avoid unnecessary friction. Keep your space organized and tidy; it saves you time and energy. Simple measures such as file folders, for example,  can help you manage learning materials, saving you time as you study or handle assignments.

Cutting classes

You have a lot more freedom. However, please don’t use it irresponsibly. After skipping a few classes, you’ll be tempted to keep cutting them and only ensure that you hit the set minimum. It might seem like fun, but it’ll hurt you a lot more, especially academically. You’ll be playing catch-up with the rest of the students; this makes it harder to keep your grades up. If you keep dropping those points, you’ll spend more time in college, not to mention that you could even fail to graduate.

Going at it solo

How often do you stay up late, struggling with assignments or studying for upcoming tests? How about bottling your emotional struggles? Please don’t make your college journey a solitary experience, as it only makes it more challenging. Find help; college counsellors, your classmates, instructors, among others, can help you deal with your problems. You can even enlist professional services such as tutors and homework helpers. With services like edutized homework help, you can comfortably keep your academic progress on track, making your college quests a breeze.

Financial management

Are you taking advantage of student discounts? Please don’t shy away from such perks, as they can save you more money. Also, ensure you aren’t wasting your cash; establish your needs and differentiate them from wants, ensuring you prioritize the essentials. As you take loans, ensure that you use them responsibly. If you need extra cash, consider getting a part-time job. It also helps you improve your money and time management skills.


Procrastination is a hard-to-beat vice, yet a costly mistake that could ruin your progress. Find ways to beat the vice, such as breaking challenging tasks into smaller and easily manageable activities, or doing something else, such as studying, if your assignment is triggering the procrastination. Once you beat procrastination, you won’t experience significant pressure since you’ll get the most out of your time, a limited resource.


Taking more classes than you can manage only hurts your progress. Activities, clubs, and groups are good, limiting your involvement to manageable levels. If you are stretched too thin, you’ll only get stressed, affecting productivity.

Over partying

Partying is a part of the college experience. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t over-indulge. Ensure that the partying doesn’t affect your classes, assignments, personal responsibilities, among other faculties. Also, ensure you indulge responsibly, including avoiding risky sexual behaviours and drinking too much.

Over media-ing

Social media is synonymous with students. If you aren’t careful, you’ll be swept by the influence, losing focus on what matters. Don’t spend a lot of your time on social media or compete with other students. Social media can be distracting, especially when studying. Keep your gadgets away or use blocking apps to avoid distractions from those constant chimes.

Overlooking your wellness

Are you getting enough rest? How about your diet and exercise regimen? Your physical and mental health shouldn’t be overlooked. You are only as productive as your body and brain can facilitate. Avoid those junk food menus, take a walk or cycle to school, use the school gym, and develop a healthy sleeping routine. Good health translates to improved moods and energy levels, making it easier to face college challenges.

The college period is exciting, but with all the possible pitfalls, you need to stay on your toes and avoid common mistakes. Avoid the highlighted mistakes, and you’ll be better positioned to thrive in college and beyond.

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