Types of handball bet and features of betting in this sport

Handball occupies a special place in the world of sports, and, accordingly, in bookmakers. And although at first glance it seems that handball bet is no different from the rest, they have many features. A good place to understand and learn handball betting is the Parimatch website. Brand is known all over the world and accepts customers from Canada. Here they can legally make predictions for handball matches in theworld cup and other important competitions.

Handball betting tips for beginners

You can’t just take it and place a bet. In this case, the chance of losing is very high. It is important to know what certain bets mean, why there is such a big difference in odds, and also to understand the rules of game.

Here are the main handball betting tips:

  • before making a decision, study the statistics of the last meetings of the teams;
  • evaluate separately the abilities and performance of each team;
  • identify the strongest players;
  • watch the previous games of the teams to understand what style they play.

When a person has an idea about the characteristics of the players, he will be able to build his strategy more thoughtfully.

In addition, how to bet on handball will help you understand the Parimatch site itself. There is an analytics section for each match, which contains statistics on teams (number of wins and losses, overall result, scores in recent matches, etc.).Data is based on the opinions of the bookmakers and the latest news, so it can be trusted to make predictions.

What affects the odds

It should be understood that this sport has its own characteristics. Here, the total number of goals per match is, on average, 50. The game is dynamic and active. Therefore, the outcome of the meeting, as a rule, is natural, and outsiders rarely win. This affects handball betting odds.

What else can affect this indicator:

  • the position of the team in the standings;
  • previous opposition of rivals;
  • player motivation;
  • current form (depending on whether this is the beginning of the tournament or the end);
  • player injuries, substitutions and other changes in the team;
  • percentage of shots saved by the goalkeeper.

The team’s chances of winning depend on this. Accordingly, in order to bet on handball, you need to find such information and analyze it.

Types of bets in this sport

Today this sport is widespread, so the stakes line is quite wide. Most popular betting options:

  • for the victory of one of the teams;
  • for a draw;
  • on total (over/under);
  • on the total of a specific player;
  • handicap;
  • double outcome.

If there is a clear leader and an underdog, then best bets become odds. They have more equal odds. In general, handball betting can be varied and interesting. The number of possible outcomes may increase as the match approaches, and the odds may change.

Anyone interested in online betting on this sport is advised to visit the Parimatch Canada website. There is a separate section for handball, which lists upcoming tournaments, women’s and men’s matches.

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