X Flowchart and Diagramming Tools for Linux

Flowcharts and diagrams are an excellent way for everyone to interact with various information and check out the visual concepts. For example, being a college student you may use them to present your research in a structured format. You can get data flow diagram assignment help and easily impress your class.

There are different tools available to create flowcharts and diagrams on different operating systems. Depending on the users’ requirements, you can develop both basic diagrams or complex one.

You also have the freedom to create the BPMN or the UML diagrams by utilizing the functions and tools of these kinds of software. When you talk about the flowchart’s tools for Linux, then it comes with some epic built-in templates and some latest features that allow you to create unique and conceptual diagrams or flowcharts freely. One more benefit of using these kinds of tools is that when you are working on a particular project or doing business-related activities.

Moreover, it will help out in tracking your team’s performance very well. But the thing that is important here is how you can choose the best software for you. That is fully able to deliver you some main advantages like minimum time, customization, some automatic steps, ease to edit, and some other. Therefore, we will place some best Flowcharts and Diagramming Tools for Linux in front of you. You can easily choose any of these after seeing which one can meet your needs.

10 Best Flowchart and Diagramming Tools for Linux

1- Dia Diagram Editor

Dia is a unique open-source diagramming tool with multiple operating systems like Linux, Unix, Windows, and macOS. The main factor that makes it different is its simple layout and its compatibility to use. In addition, you can quickly scale or root different groups with its latest features.

2- Studio Free – BPM Online 

Creatio first developed the Studio Free software, and it is well known as the best one for collaborative work due to its simplest documentation process. That allows users, even beginners, to take full advantage of it. Moreover, it also supports the most efficient streamlined file sharing feature.

3- Apache OpenOffice Draw

It is free software, which is widely used for creating informative diagrams and flowcharts related to business. The main thing that stands out from others is that you can export and import different graphics very easily.

4- Umbrello

Umbrello is a UML diagramming tool that is compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows. You have a variety of diagrams that this free software allows you to create. For example, you can create state diagrams, case diagrams, component diagrams, class diagrams, ERDs, and many more.

5- Create

Suppose you start searching out the most potent robust flowchart tools in the market. Then there is no doubt that you will find this Creately on the highest rank. It comes with the ability to use all the free templates and shapes available to you so that you can create unique and easy to analyze business flowcharts for yourself.

6- Pencil

The best software to use for Graphical User Interface Prototyping is Pencil. It is an open-source as well as an utterly free-to-use tool. You can easily create your required diagrams and export them in any suitable format because it supports many supported formats, allowing you to export your workout in the most efficient one.

7- Calligra Flow

Calligra Flow is highly well known as one of the simplest software to use and create analytical diagrams. The benefit of using this one is that it is integrated with other Calligra Flow apps, which will speed up your work and deliver your efforts’ best output. It also offers you access to the wireframes.

8- Diagramo

Diagramo is free software that can work with HTML 5 and offers its users lifetime storage out there. If you want to share your diagrams with someone, then share the permalinks. It will make them able to see the diagrams easily, without being near to you.

9- Inkscape

Inkscape is a free and vector graphics tool for creating diagrams and flowcharts, with a simple and easy-to-understand interface. You can easily create various graphics by using the features and exciting tools that it supports. Also, you have a variety of formats that are available for import and export.

10- SmartDraw

Indeed, it will be your ideal software because it comes with more than 4000 free templates, 35000 symbols, and 70 diagrams options. Also, available in the desktop version as well as in the cloud edition. So, easily insert any of your drawings into PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc.


Here, you see some famous Flowcharts and Diagramming Tools for Linux and others operating systems. But, before choosing any of these, make sure that it comes with all that important stuff you expect from software for your needs. All of these are good at their places and contain pros and cons on their level.


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