4 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

When entering the world of programming, it is always best to start with the simplest, including the most basic languages. Programming languages are intermediaries with which we can force the computer to give us the desired result (for example, to solve some problem). Therefore, if you are going to become a developer, you will definitely have to learn at least one programming language.

But settling on any language is not easy, and their abundance does not at all ease the problem of choice. In this article we will try to compile a list of the easiest programming languages to learn. We divided the selected languages into different categories according to their use and functionality. This should make it easier for beginners to figure it out.

Why Should you Learn Programming Languages?

One of the most important skills today is the ability to write a program. After all, computer technology is everywhere, from factories and transport to household appliances. They have greatly simplified our lives. And now we will analyze the popular programming languages in 2020 for a beginner to learn, or already a programmer with experience.

Some of them are simple, others are more difficult, however, studying and knowing any programming language from this list will help you in your job search and employment.

1.C #

C # is a modern object-oriented and secure programming language. C # belongs to the well-known family of C languages, and will seem familiar to anyone who has worked with C, C ++, Java, or JavaScript. C # is an object and component oriented programming language. C # provides language constructs to directly support this concept of work.

This makes C # suitable for creating and using software components. Since its inception, C # has been enriched with features to support new workloads and modern best practices for software development.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript, in spite of its numerous imperfections, is apparently the best programming language for trying designers, and the best language beginners can dabble with. This language can be found actually everywhere. It is upheld on all working frameworks, in a wide range of programs, both on personal computers and on cell phones. It is also very important that JavaScript applications work without installing them on users’ computers.

This programming language is one of the basic ones, and if you find it difficult for you to learn even this language, we strongly recommend you to seek help from javascript assignment help website. There, experts will help you with writing any code and creating any program, regardless of its complexity.

3. Python

It is hardly possible to imagine student life without a smartphone. In addition, now on the Internet there are many useful services for students that can make life much easier. It is very important for every student to feel more comfortable, spend less money and time on complex university assignments. We understand you very well and therefore decided to share several online services for students with whom we are very familiar.

It is an interpreted language – it does not compile, that is, it is a plain text file before launch. You can program on almost all platforms, the language is well designed and logical. Development is much faster, because there is much less code here than in other languages. And Python is also great for beginners. It is with Python that you can start your path as a programmer. It can be found on the web and on mobile devices, in applications and solutions related to machine learning (neural networks and artificial intelligence), and also as an embedded system.

Many computer games were written in whole or in part in Python. There is a misconception that this language is not suitable for serious projects, but in fact it was used in the development of such hits as:

  • Battlefield 2;
  • World of Tanks;
  • Civilization IV;
  • EVE Online.

4. PHP

The first thing to understand is PHP is just a programming language. That is, with its help we can execute some computer commands, conditions, cycles and so on. That is, in fact, it is just an ordinary programming language. But the fact is that this PHP programming language is geared towards developing web applications and websites. This is the so-called server-side programming language or backend.

That is, the reverse part of the php language, if you use it for the purpose of developing websites and for the purpose of developing some scripts and applications, runs on a remote server on some hosting that supports this web server. This is where the php language works.

Summing up

There are many programming languages out there. We did not compile ratings, but simply chose the most needed languages in 2020 for the start. So we strongly recommend that you learn one of the above languages for study.

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