Best Ways to Enhance Your Mouse Clicking Speed

As a gamer, have you ever found yourself being frustrated just because you are not fast enough to shoot the opponent in a game? That’s about to stop if you still experience it.

This guide shows you all you need to know about clicking speed as well as how to improve your accuracy. When you are through with the methods that will be shared, you will be able to understand your accurate clicking speed and understand how to choose the right equipment for better performance.

7 Methods to Improve Your Mouse Clicking Speed

There are various ways by which you can improve the clicking speed of your mouse. Below are four of them.

Click with a lighter touch

Squeezing the mouse hard won’t help you click faster as a gamer. Some believe they need to squeeze it harder. It will only slow you down as you’ll need to keep lifting your hand from the mouse consistently.

The best approach to increase your clicking speed is to exercise a lighter touch. Always keep your fingers loose. And don’t apply too much pressure while clicking the button. Doing this allows you to put your hand in place, you can click without having to remove it from the mouse.

Purchase quality equipment

Quality hardware will give you a better mouse clicking speed. Understanding this will go a long way in improving precision and speed.

Various elements ought to be viewed while purchasing quality equipment for gamers. One terrible choice can have an enormous effect and diminish the experience. In this way, pick material that can accommodate sweaty hands without turning into a slippery surface.

Also, sensors ought to be extraordinary. A good one has qualities such as no prediction and angle rotation, zero shakings and acceleration, and perfect tracking over a wide range of DPI. Evaluate the mouse to check whether it accommodates your hand. It must also click well.

Testing for speed

You need to know if it’s your equipment or you that needs a lift. In many models, both need a lift. However, if you are certain that you purchased quality hardware, there are few things to do for speed and accuracy. The primary thing is to get a speed clicker test. The most successful gamers are quick clickers, and it is not just about the speed of their forefinger. Taking a clicktest will help you figure out your speed. After that’s been done, work on developing it. Keep in mind, that practice will make you perfect.

Work on yourself

Your mood can also affect your clicking rate and precision. This is because you might have played for a long time. This also means you have failed a few times which got you disappointed.

Disappointment and outrage annihilated your attention, and your precision has deserted you. Gamers will generally be restless and play more which can be time-consuming. Know about this and enjoy some time off when you feel disappointed.

Keep in mind that you are making this out of euphoria. It ought to be enjoyable. Whenever the fun stops, quit making it happen. Always maintain a calm mind to guarantee a good outcome. Those who remain calm and composed are always the best in any field.

Utilize a mouse pad

A mouse pad will also improve how you grip the mouse. This will prevent any form of sliding when in use. It will help you enhance your clicking speed.

Players have reported being able to click faster when they use some cloth-based mouse pad. This is possible because more fiction occurs between the surface and the hand. More accuracy is the result. A mouse pad won’t allow the mouse to accelerate faster during a play session. More control is assured with a good mouse pad.

Change the settings

The headway you make in the game is profoundly subject to your mouse DPI. The fact is sensibility varies. And depending on the game you select, you can still make a few adjustments.

Again, depending on the sort of game you love playing, different sensitivities and qualities might be required. For instance, for games with long-range battles, you may require less responsiveness. However, to enjoy games with faster movement (Fortnite is a good example), a higher sensibility is needed.

Position your wrist right

To boost your mouse-clicking speed, the position of your wrist matters. You need to position your wrist straight while clicking.

A bent wrist will make it harder to move your hand. Will will miss targets and also lose mouse control.

So, using the muscles in your upper arm and forearm, a straight wrist gives a better speed. It’s also, when playing from your desk, make your hand level with the keyboard tray. This posture is also helpful.


Improving your mouse clicking speed is not that complicated. With regular practice, you can get better. Get the right equipment and make a few adjustments according to your game of choice.

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