5 tips to boost your streaming experience with Netflix on gaming consoles

The indoor life is getting more excited with new releases of Gaming consoles and shows on Netflix. The gaming experience and streaming experience both have surpassed our desires in the pandemic, and they continue to do so through new advancements. The new console releases are only gearing us up for a fun weekend. So, if you’re looking to spice up your streaming experience, then read ahead.

Here, we will give you some tips you may have overlooked to get the best out of your gaming console experience. These tips and tricks will even give you the power to access US Netflix anywhere and will make you the MVP of console streaming. Whether it is PS4 or an Xbox, your Netflix experience is about to be redefined. Let’s get started!

The power of VPN

If you’ve ever worked in an office or played Counter-Strike in your local gaming zone, you’d know what a VPN is. The Virtual Private Network gives you a gateway to explore the internet world without borders, as it hides your I.P address, secures your browsing experience, and gives you control of your precious data. It started as a security measure but has evolved to be a must-have during the pandemic.

By use of VPN, people have extended their Netflix watchlist by bypassing all regional limitations. It has given Netflix users access to the hidden side of the streaming service, that was unknown for so long. You can use a VPN on your gaming console to unlock the full potential of the gaming site.

When opting for a VPN, make sure you don’t fall for the free options. Be responsible for your security and opt for a paid account. It saves you the trouble of worrying about the loss of important information.

The power of Wi-Fi

One of the biggest causes of damaged TV screens is video buffering due to slow Wi-Fi. That’s not entirely true but we don’t want you to face a similar situation (I’ve been there, and my TV screen can testify). At the point of climax in a movie, the oddly shaped circle disc in the middle can ruin the scene. So, save yourself the anger management class and get high-speed Wi-Fi.

During the pandemic, everybody’s screen time doubled or tripled. This is why the internet becoming a necessity. To avail of the best streaming Netflix has to offer, get a faster connection. The VPN (as shared in tip 1) will also take some amount of bandwidth in its process. Also, there is a secret Netflix menu that gives you access to the bit rate.

On your gaming console, you press the code “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, and Up”. When the screen manager is toggled, select “manual” and lower the bit rate. It reduces chances of buffering and may also affect quality so be careful when lowering the bit rate.

The power of a phone remote

Not everyone has ease in scrolling Netflix through analogs and trackpads. This is why you can turn your phone into a remote to surf more easily. It only requires you to have your PlayStation and phone connected on the same Wi-Fi.

Just open the Netflix app on both devices and start using your phone as a remote. This will ease in frustration of typing in the search bar, scrolling the genres and different categories, etc.

The power of Shuffle Play

The first pick is always tricky. It can take up to hours before you reach the movie of your streams. Recently, Netflix launched a shuffle play option that can help you avail the best of shows in one go. After your first pick, Netflix can get a whiff of the kind of features you want to see.

The shuffle play will give you some mystery of what could be possibly next! It will give you a window into the time when people watched TV and the commercials in between told us what the next movie could be. This shuffle play feature can surprise you with some underrated features you may have never heard of. So, the next time you plan to stream, make the first pick, enable shuffle, and enjoy.

 The power of customized subtitles

Subtitles are needed the most during Anime shows. They are, by default, anchored at the bottom. But if you want, you can customize everything about them. You can change the text color and background color of your subtitles. The way to do so is by accessing the account section and in there, you’ll find the option for customizing subtitles.

Speaking of customization, since we have multiple screens, you can make sure your screen brings you customized recommendations that you’d like to see first. A feature called Netflix party allows you to chat and call your family n friends whilst you’re watching great content.


By now, you must have all the points written or remembered or done to your gaming console. The streaming experience is being worked on every day, so it is important to stay updated on all the cool features to accent your streaming experience. Apply these 5 points and have a great weekend!

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