6 Reasons Schools Should Use Timetable Maker

“A plan is what, a schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done.”- Peter Turla

Everyday school authorities have to do so many tasks throughout the day, and the crucial part about every task is that they need to be done at the same time, on which they are scheduled. This is what timetables are made for, traditionally these were made manually, but not now. Today schools use timetable maker to do this task.

A timetable maker is an online software that is used by schools to create digital timetables for the school. This application creates the timetable automatically without any human interference. What administrators or teachers need to do is type the time, subjects, events or activities, and date on which they will happen, and just like that a digital timetable will be created.  Now you might be thinking is this the only task of a timetable maker, no; it has several other reasons to use a timetable maker.

In this article, you are going to know what are those reasons because which schools and educational institutes need to use these.

Increased Efficiency:

The first and foremost reason why schools must get themselves timetable management is it helps in increasing the efficiency of teachers. As of now teachers do not have to give hours brainstorming ways to create timetables and then another hour to create the timetable manually.

This will give them more time to focus on things that matter like, taking extra classes for students who need help, and making lesson plans to teach the upcoming topics and chapters. When there is no extra burden of doing things like making timetables, teachers and administrators feel more motivated to do better in other areas of their job.

Better Organization

As mentioned earlier, schools are the place where everything needs to be done on the scheduled time, not just to maintain students’ discipline but also to get things organized. When a timetable maker creates a digital timetable which is accurate and just to the point, it helps the school management to maintain better organization in school.

And better organization means the achievement of goals, positive academic results, and growth of school and staff.


Traditionally when administrators or teachers are drafting the final timetable on paper they have to be very careful. Because even the slightest mistake would ruin the whole thing, and it needs to be started from scratch, but not with the digital timetable maker. Because in a digital timetable maker you get the option of editing the timetable whenever and however you want. For example, there is an emergency in school because of which the school needs to remain closed for a few days.

With the help of timetable maker administrators can edit the timetable and the software will reflect the change and notify the students and staff. All this can be done without making any kind of a mess.

Better Accessibility

Traditionally, timetable was only given to the administrators and teachers, and students are informed a day or two before the class or event. But the online timetable created by the timetable maker can be accessed by multiple people. Once created, the digital timetable can be uploaded on the school website or online classroom board too.

This way not only teachers and staff but students and parents will also stay informed about future events. It will help students and parents to prepare for any major activity like exams, weekly tests, parent-teacher meetings, etc.

More Accuracy

This is another great feature of timetable maker online, it helps the administrators and teachers in reducing errors in timetables. In manual timetables teachers and administrators often make mistakes like clashing the same teacher’s period in two classes.

However, while using the timetable maker, these mistakes can’t be made, because it suggests and highlights these mistakes before drafting the final timetable. This way only an accurate timetable gets published.

Supports Collaboration

It happens often that teachers of the same subjects or even different subjects want to collaborate, but couldn’t because of a rigid timetable. But with the digital timetable, they can share their timetables and collaborate easily.

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