What Is CompTIA Network+ Certification? Will There Be Enough Practice Tests to Get This Credential?

CompTIA Network+ is one of the entry-level certifications in the field of Information Technology. With this credential, an individual can build a career in the IT industry, focusing on configuring, managing, and troubleshooting networks. To earn Network+, the candidates must first pass the View Source exam.

There are specific knowledge and skills that those students who are pursuing the CompTIA Network+ certificate will build during preparation. By going through this process before attempting the test, they will develop competence in designing and implementing functional networks. The candidates will also be able to configure, maintain, and manage the basics of network devices, as well as use various devices such as switches and routers to create a resilient network and a segment network traffic.

The applicants will also be equipped with the skills that are necessary to identify both advantages and disadvantages of current network configurations. They will also develop the capacity to implement network protocols, security, and standards, as well as troubleshoot network problems. The individuals with the CompTIA Network+ credential are also able to support the design and creation of virtual networks.

CompTIA Network+ certification:exam details

To earn CompTIA Network+, one must pass the N10-007 exam. It is essential to mention that it has been reorganized and updated to reflect the current networking technologies with an expanded scope of different domains. Additional domains include critical security components to equip the networking professionals with the skills required to optimally function with the security specialists. It also covers core Cloud computing best practices and typical service models. The new domain also focuses on virtualization techniques and newer hardware, as well as fundamental concepts to provide combinations of abilities required to maintain network resilience.

This certification exam is made up of a maximum of 90 questions with the time duration of 90 minutes. This means you will have one minute to answer each question. The format to expect in the delivery of this test includes multiple-choice (with single & multiple responses) and performance-based questions, as well as drag and drop. To pass CompTIAN10-007, the examinees must score at least 720 on a scale of 100-900. Before attempting this exam, it is recommended that any student has at least 9 to 12 months of networking experience together with the CompTIA A+ certification.

Depending on your preferred language, you can take this exam in English, Japanese, and German. With time, Spanish and Portuguese will be added to the list of possible languages that the candidates can take. The applicants for CompTIA N10-007 are required to pay the fee of $329. It is important to mention that it is only valid for a single time. If you don’t pass this certification test that you have paid for, you will have to register for it again and make another payment. To avoid retaking, it is critical that you study the exam content and be prepared adequately.

CompTIA Network+ certification: exam topics and preparation options

There are various resources that are available for your preparation. You may want to start with the recommended ones available on the official webpage. While preparing for the CompTIA N10-007 test, there are specific skills and knowledge that you have to develop to be able to achieve success. Let’s look at them briefly.

  • Networking concepts: The candidates should be able to explain different types of networking concepts and be able to appropriately implement them.
  • Infrastructure: You should understand how to explain and determine the appropriate device, cabling, and storage technologies covered under the domain of Network+.
  • Network operations: The test takers should be able to use best practices to determine policies, ensure business continuity, and manage networks.
  • Network security: One should have the capacity to summarize common attacks and physical security while maintaining security of awired and wireless network.
  • Network troubleshooting and tools: The students should have competence in explaining the network troubleshooting methodology and the correct tools needed to support performance and connectivity.

There are training courses and other study materials that you can use in gaining expertise in these topic areas. PrepAway has a wealth of prep tools, including training courses, exam dumps, practice tests, video tutorials, and others, that you can use to prepare for your CompTIA N10-007.

CompTIA Network+ certification: renewal policy

After earning your certificate, you have to continuously validate your expertise and expand your skillset. You can do this by updating your credential with the CompTIA CE (Continuing Education) program. Without doubt, the field of Information Technology is highly dynamic with numerous opportunities and challenges coming up on a regular basis. The professionals can keep abreast of development by taking advantage of the Continuing Education program. With this, they remain current with the latest and evolving technologies, thereby becoming the sought-after security experts in the realm.

The CompTIA Network+ certification is valid for a period of three years from the date of your exam. However, you can extend its lifespan with the CE program. By getting specific CE units, you can extend your credential in three-year intervals. To earn the Continuing Education Units (CEUs), you have to take part in different training programs and activities over the course of three years. These include obtaining the higher-level certificates, completing CertMaster CE, which is a self-paced online CE course, or earning a minimum of 30 CEUs. You can upload any of these to your account in order to automatically renew Network+.

CompTIA Network+ certification: job opportunities

There are many job opportunities that the specialists with CompTIA Network+ can explore. As mentioned earlier, this is an entry-level certification that is designed to give new professionals a competitive edge in the industry. Some job roles that you can take up with your Network+ certificate include:

  • Junior Network Administrator
  • Computer Technician
  • Network Field Technician
  • Help Desk Technician
  • System Engineer
  • Junior System Engineer
  • Network Field Engineer
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Support Specialist
  • IT Consultant

Five Domains –

  • 23% – Networking Concepts
  • 18% – Infrastructure
  • 17% – Network Operations
  • 20% – Network Security
  • 22% – Network Troubleshooting and Tools

Sample MCQ Questions –

1) A host has been assigned the address This is an example of what kind of IPv4 address?

  • a) APIPA
  • b) MAC
  • c) Static
  • d) Public

2) What connection type is used to terminate DS3 connections in a telecommunications facility?

  • a) 66 block
  • b) BNC
  • c) F-connector
  • d) RJ-11

3) What should be considered when determine the coverage for a new implementation of 802.11n WLAN?

  • a) Humidity
  • b) Temperature
  • c) Heatmap
  • d) Building material

4) Policies, procedures, and end-user training are effective ways to mitigate:

  • a) Zero-day attacks
  • b) Attempted DDoS attacks
  • c) Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • d) Social engineering attempts

5) A VLAN with a gateway offers no security without the addition of:

  • a) An ACL
  • b) 802.1w
  • c) A RADIUS server
  • d) 802.1d

6) During a high availability test of a system, a fiber interruption did not reroute traffic. This is an indication of what routing concept?

  • a) Static
  • b) Dynamic
  • c) Hybrid
  • d) Routing loops

7) What infrastructure implementation is used to connect various circuits between remote locations?

  • a) WAN
  • b) PAN
  • c) WLAN
  • d) LAN

8) Exploiting a weakness in a user’s wireless headset to compromise the mobile device is known as what?

  • a) Multiplexing
  • b) Zero-day attack
  • c) Smurfing
  • d) Bluejacking

9) What would be used in an IP-based video conferencing deployment?

  • a) RS-232
  • b) 56k modem
  • c) Bluetooth
  • d) Codec

10) What is used to define how much bandwidth can be used by various protocols on the network?

  • a) Traffic shaping
  • b) High availability
  • c) Load balancing
  • d) Fault tolerance


If you decide to sit for the CompTIA N10-007 exam, it will be a big plus for you to pass it with high results. That is why you need to prepare with great deliberation. Otherwise,you will not be able to get the associated credential. Thus, prepare with PrepAway!

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