Covering FAQs about Getting NISS

Any foreigner who plans to apply for NISS, which is a social security number, wants to receive as much info about the process as possible. So, this article will be the best solution to stick to then.

What Is NISS?

This is the first and foremost question to answer. NISS is a document that will help you to obtain proper help from the government of Portugal when coming across difficult life situations. Those are disabilities, retirement, childbirth, and so on. Sure, you will have to make donations in order to receive such assistance later. But it is certainly worth it!

Can You Get NISS in Person?

This variant of receiving NISS is thought to be traditional. It is essential to visit the ministerial office and apply for a NISS document there. It is obligatory to enclose a tax ID (which is called NIF in Portugal) and a residence certificate in order to obtain a social security number in Portugal.

Is There a Chance to Order NISS Online?

This is the option that is really loved by those who intend to get to Portugal and apply for several documents that are going to be vital for being involved in basic activities there. So, receiving NISS online is a simple and clear process when you interact with one of the reliable service providers and follow the instructions that are offered by him. Typically, you will just have to present a few essential documents and pay a fee to get your NISS number within a set period of time.

Can You Expect Your Employer to Order NISS for Me?

Certainly. To obtain your NISS number, you will have to deal with a social security application. Normally, the employees do not come across any problems with this.

Is There a Chance to Check your Social Security Number?

Sure, you can do this at any time you want. It is enough to contact social security services via a phone number. As a result, you are going to be informed about pensions, benefits, employers, and other stuff you might be interested in linked to your NISS number.

What Documents Have to Be Presented When Visiting a Social Security Office?

The employees may not oblige you to give them all of the stuff that is about to be listed below. However, you’d better take care of all of that just to feel more confident and be prepared for any sort of requirements. Well, this is what you need to get ready:

  • A residence certificate;

  • The passport or ID card;

  • The completed form that will prove your intention to receive a social security number of Portugal;

  • A certified copy of the employment contract/documents stating that you are self-employed or have your own business;

  • Portuguese NIF or national insurance number from your country;

  • Statement of address in Portugal.

What Docs Are Essential for Those Who Apply Online?

One of the advantages of this option is as follows: you will not have to enclose that much stuff. Here is what you need to deal with in advance:

  • International passport or EU national ID card;

  • NIF (if you choose the option of applying for NISS online and do not have a NIF number yet, it is a good idea to ask for it online too).

You will also have to work on filling out the application form in most cases. There may be some additional requirements that have to be met when collaborating with a specific service provider.

How Much Does It Cost to Get NISS?

Those who select the online option may come across a great range of pricing variants. The cost depends on the professionalism of the experts, their experience, and so on. The average price to come across today is 100 EUR. Naturally, if you want to receive your social security number really fast, you will pay a greater sum.

What Other Benefits Can You Get in Portugal?

Many of those who started to live in this cool country have decided to apply for NHR status. It is linked to quite a few advantages you are free to experience. One of the worthiest here is a tax exemption pretty much on all sources of foreign income. Besides, there is a 20% flat rate on certain income that is received right in Portugal.

So, it is an absolutely thrilling idea to think about applying for NHR status. There are not too many requirements to meet. Apart from this, things are going to be far easier if you choose the assistance of real professionals.

All in all, there is a sense in trying to get the most out of what the government of Portugal offers to you as a foreigner. Do not miss those opportunities (NISS is not an exception) and you will be really happy!

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