How Does Spam Score Affect SEO?

SEO is vital in maintaining a good spam score for ranking websites on search engines. But how does spam score affect SEO?

Building websites means you have to rank on search engines as best quality content. But if your site has a 31 to 60 percent spam score, then you must improve the quality of your content. A higher spam score can lead to penalties from Google, such as blocklisting and losing SERP rankings.

So, in this blog, we’ll provide you with all the solutions to resolve spam scores and help you to keep your place in the top ranks in the SERP.


Possible Ways Spam Score Can Affect SEO?

You must know how search algorithms view your site to maintain a good spam score. Moz is an effective tool for many professionals as this can detect spam backlinks. Here we have mentioned the possible ways spam scores affect SEO.

Page Title

The page’s title should be relevant to writing about any topic, whether it’s about mechanisms, skin care, gadgets, or others. The reader should clearly understand what you describe or explain in your content. This will help you bring more traffic and engagement to your page.

Using your keywords in the title is best as they can represent the topic accurately. And ensure that your title is balanced with engaging word choices.

  • A significant number of words can be unattractive to readers.
  • Research to make a title for individual topics.

Number of Pages

The number of pages can affect your spam score, so it is better to keep it short. Readers want complete information while keeping things concise. It’s best to provide short and elaborate detail in several pages.

Eventually, it directly relates to ranking your site’s spam score. Moreover, paying proper attention to the elements will help you gain positive spam scores from Google.

It’s better to create each page with valuable content and avoid stuff and fluff while keeping your paragraphs short.


Choosing fonts can be beneficial for your content as Google easily recognizes it. Fonts must be placed accurately, as they can define your content writing quickly. Using the wrong font can lead to affecting your spam score. Using the Google Font API Domain fonts can help you receive excellent spam scores.

Meta Description

This can lead your site to better SEO. It’s best to avoid small or large meta descriptions, as they can negatively impact your site. Ensure that each meta description is within 155 to 160 characters to maintain a good spam score.

  • Use sparing meta keywords in your article, as it can be considered spam compared to other websites.
  • Meta keywords must be well-researched and must add value to your content.

Buying a Domain

SEO experts recommend analyzing the domain before buying it. A domain with significant numbers can be contesting to use or command SEO. Also, if Google ranks poorly on a website, it can ban that site as a liability. You must look forward to buying a domain with less than a five percent spam score.

Name of Domain

A domain name is essential as you can represent your site name, so it’s better to use the .com extension to maintain a good spam score. Moreover, cover the domain name within approximately ten words. In a nutshell, the spammy domain is considered around more than twenty to sixty-five characters.

Factors to Consider:

  • Avoid Numbers

You must avoid using numbers for a high-quality domain as search engines determine English alphabets.

  • No Hyphen

Using hyphens in domains appear your site a scam or spam for Google. Also, it’s challenging to type URLs for visitors on search engines.

  • Top-level Domain

Top-level domains can create or indicate other potential sites as red flags.

Internal link

An internal link allows readers to transfer to another page of the same site by clicking on the link. Promoting your site is vital as it determines that you have valuable content and pages on your website. Also, it aids followers to stay more connected to your site, creating engagement. However, your site may be marked as spam by Google if you aren’t using internal links.

External link

Use external links on navigation menus when building websites. But use them sparingly as they can indicate advertisement. And, if you add a few external links, search engines consider your site spam. On the other hand, if you utilize this accurately, search engine results pages can improve the ranking of your optimization.

Website Content

The content of your website must have complete and flawless information that are reader intended. You can link your content per the linking rules to maintain a good spam score. Content should be written in an easy and conversational tone, ensuring everyone can understand.

SSL Certified

This certification indicates that your data files on the website acting as a padlock has secure connections, and it’s safe to browse from any server. The SSL certification comes when your site has HTTPS in the domain to ensure that your information is encrypted and secured.

Lacking Google Manager

You must have a Google Tag manager to maintain a good spam score while building a website. And it would be best if you had this free tool offered by Google that aids in managing marketing tags. Also, it creates your site future-proof by improving flexibility and security.

  • Doubleclick

If your site lacks a DoubleClick tag ad, it seems spam website. This way, Google analyzes and manages online advertisements, allowing you to display the ad’s location and time.

  • LinkedIn link

Websites associated with LinkedIn link never falls in for poor spam score. Although, sites that are suffering from this LinkedIn page are at higher risk of related with spamming.

  • Browser icon

While building a high-quality website, you must consider making favicons which are small icons for sites. These are mainly located at the top of a browser tab. Yet, spam sites use them sparingly.

  • Site Age

Most old websites have various articles on multiple topics, which means you have different backlinks.

Rel=canonical Tags

This tag is used in HTML to detect whether a page co-occurs with another. Rel=canonical tags help search engines to identify URLs to find specific pages. However, most non-local rel=canonical tags referring to the external links are spammy. You can build your rel=canonical for each page as most CMS use URL parameters without changing content.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is a website code to measure users’ behavior and actions and is not considered spamming. It is a free tool for Facebook ads to track conversions and reach the most audience. Also, you can follow your users and gain insight into their habits that can help you create future offers and market strategies.

Individual Web Page Links

To maintain a good spam score, you must provide forty to fifty backlinks to a homepage. However, for backlinks, zero to a hundred to every web page is ideal for better SEO to take down competitors. The higher value of these backlinks means minimal links to boost the spam score.

  • Large Site with Few Links

Sites with multiple pages but few links show no valuable content on their pages. And search engines consider them spam as they are unworthy of linking to any pages.

  • Low Link Diversity

Link diversity depends on inbound links from other pages and is used as a strategery for many articles and directories. To maintain a good spam score, link diversity requires domains such as .net, .com, and .edu. Low link diversity refers to most inbound links from a few domains.

Small site markup

The small site markup enhances the user experience of Schema, Javascript, and CSS. Alternatively, the sites needing more basic HTML, low-quality graphics, poor structure, and formatting with heavy pages are clear signs of spamming.

Bottom Line

Most professionals want to raise their SEO strategy to maintain a good spam score. To keep low your spam score on a website is essential, and one of the best practices is never to use restricted content on your site. However, the slightest mistake can cause spam ranking from Google and eventually can result in your website getting banned. So, make sure to follow all the instructions to avoid such mishaps.

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