How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work in 2022? The Complete Guide

The YouTube algorithm is one of the fastest learning AI’s on the planet. It monitors and analyzes content and hence decides what to recommend to who and more. The YouTube algorithm is pretty fascinating when you look at it from the technological aspect.

Also, apart from that, it is one thing that content creators on YouTube must understand. The working of the YouTube algorithm has been a mystery for a long time, which is why it’s high time we break down the working of the same. Today we are going to explain the working of the YouTube algorithm and some tips to increase your viewership and engagement when you use the algorithm for your benefit. 


The first thing that you land on is the home page of YouTube. You would see a ton of videos lined up, and more often than not these videos are to your taste. If you have ever wondered how YouTube gives you what you want always? Well, the answer to that is the YouTube algorithm.

The YouTube algorithm is set in place to enhance user experiences and does that flawlessly. The first thing that you can notice is the home. The YouTube algorithm collects data on your search history, which makes it proficient in suggesting similar videos or videos from content creators, that you’re more likely to watch.

Since YouTube is a content platform where more than 500 hours of content is being uploaded every minute, there is no shortage of content. This is why we recommend marketers and influencers who create on YouTube, to objectively review your videos.

Judge them as a new viewer to your channel and decide whether you would want to watch these videos given a chance or not. This will help you identify what type of content you have to create and also gives you better ideas to implement them. 

Suggested videos

Once you have scoured through the home page to find what you want to watch, and now you’re watching it. You can notice some videos popping up on the side screen. These videos are known as suggested videos. These videos often popped up with similar videos, all related to the content that you’re watching.

Rarely would you notice the suggested videos to be different from what you’re currently watching? This is because they are also influenced by your search history. The best thing for a marketer or an influencer to do is to make playlists or videos that have more than one part.

This will help YouTube suggest your videos to your audience. Also, focus more on endings and create videos in a format that is more popular at the time. This helps you stay ahead of the curve or at least at par with them. 


Well, YouTube search is powered by google, so you can only expect the best. YouTube search is where you can search any type of content on. However, you must have noticed one peculiar thing about the same. The video that appears on the top is not always the one with the maximum number of views.

This is because the search has more to do with YouTube SEO and less to do with just viewership. This is because the video that appears on top has better alignment with the keywords in the search. To improve your YouTube SEO, you need to write better titles, and descriptions and most importantly add keywords that are relevant to the video.

This will help you boost your videos to the top of search results in your niche. The second most important thing to appear on top of the search results is to have great engagement. YouTube only recommends videos that they know people will take an interest in. This is measured by a video’s engagement and watch time.

Gone are the days when YouTube was just about getting views. In 2022 the algorithm is focusing more on actual engagement rather than just views. They do still matter, but not as much as the former. 


This section of YouTube tells you what’s happening in the YouTube world. This means you get the updates about the most trending or engaging videos on YouTube at the moment. The trending charts keep changing as new videos come to the tally.

This section is specific to the users of a country and hence is perfect for indigenous YouTube channels to grow. Also, the YouTube trending section features artists on the rise, which means it helps the content creators that can engage well with their audience, irrespective of the number of subscribers they have on their channel.

For people in YouTube marketing, the best way to land up in the YouTube trending section is by making sure that you create short and shareable videos on YouTube. The YouTube time format keeps changing, sometimes it’s short-form content, and sometimes it’s long-form content. This is why we recommend experimenting. However, if you want quick results, then take a trending topic and make a video on it. 

Subscribers and subscription tab

YouTube aims to create communities around the world. This is done by making people opt to see your content more often. This is called a subscription. When people subscribe to your channel, your videos appear in their subscription tab.

This helps you get more engagement and viewership on your YouTube channel and the audience gets better content. It’s a win-win situation. However, if you are looking to increase the number of subscribers you have then we recommend using the following tips. Ask viewers to subscribe, cross-promote your YouTube on your other social media handles and also keep checking the analytics to understand what is attracting more viewers and what is not. 


If you are new to YouTube and are looking to make it to the top, then we highly recommend using this information about the YouTube algorithm. The YouTube algorithm is ever-changing. Hence what is relevant today, might not be relevant tomorrow.

This is why we recommend you employ these tactics as soon as possible to get the best results from them. We’re sure you will see immense growth when you do. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word.

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